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Game 12 at DEN: Paul Millslaps the Nuggets

January 16, 2012

There was The Shot. There was The Pass. Now there is The Hug.

Paul Millsap in the fourth quarter was just…are there even words? He just millslapped the Nuggets in the 4th and carried the Jazz to the win. Quietly, efficiently, millsappianly. I was expecting a loss tonight. Instead, we got to see the best effort and 48 minutes so far this season. The Jazz never let up, and played the full 48. Not much more you can ask for (except for health for Derrick Favors).

My second favorite moment of the night:

Raja needs to keep having more babies, because ever since his wife gave birth, he’s been everything we were hoping for when he re-signed with the Jazz last season. Not only is he playing great D and his shot looking pretty, but he’s dunking, blocking shots, and diving for loose balls. From what I can see, he’s also being a great mentor for the young guys.

** George Karl on Kanter: “This kid is planting himself before the ball hits the rim, he is so big once he is planted he can’t be moved” (@Lockedonsports)

Random Stuff, etc.
** Public Service Announcement brought to you by Matt Harpring: Only heads on sticks with sticks less than 18 inches long are allowed in the ESA.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night
** Harpring on Millsap: He might have that grip that’s illegal in the NFL. The ball just sticks to his hands.
** Boler on Josh Howard: I don’t know what’s underneath the sweats.
** Harpring: The ball goes side-to-side, nice easy shot for Millsap.
** Harpring on Birdman: He can still get up at 33 years old.
** Harpring: I didn’t know Raja could still get up like he got up right there.
** Harpring: Players don’t like it when other players play hard against you.
** Harpring: I’m not sure why Devin Harris isn’t the main ball-handler right now.
** Denver announcers (H/T @shandonfan):

Finally, mucho love for the green uniforms. They look great, especially when they are not worn with white shoes like the first time around:

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    January 17, 2012 7:08 am

    Also loved that moment of Raja diving. I said to Wright, “That looked like a damn volleyball dive!” and he said Raja’s a great volleyball player. Who knew?

    • January 17, 2012 8:16 am

      Haha really? Maybe because his dad was a PE teacher…I know Devin Harris played volleyball in high school but haven’t seen him diving much :)


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