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Game 3 vs. PHI: Jazz win!

December 31, 2011

Two things.

1) This:

2) This:

You gotta love it, baby!

Side note: Who decided to wreck the cool green unis with nerdy white shoes?

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night
** Boler: Hawes, double pumps and in.
** Boler: Soft touch, good rhythm, CJ Miles.
** Harpring: He’s a ball handler, not a banger.
** Boler on Josh Howard: Oh, how would it be to get him going…
** Boler: Josh Howard, DEEP!
** Harpring: Harris coming up big on the other end with a big shot. He buries it.
** Ty Corbin on Derrick Favors, post-game: When he make the move crisp and hard, he’s pretty good but he have a tendency sometime to get past [his] guy and then soften up a bit.
** Ty Corbin on Derrick Favors, post-game: [Favors] has some inside-outside stuff, he gotta learn when he go in there big, he gotta be really big. Enes I thought did a great job also. He came off and made some good moves down there. He’s a big body that played big.

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