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Greg Ostertag Comeback: Warm Fuzzies

December 30, 2011
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All man boob jokes aside, seeing Greg Ostertag on the court again made me feel nostalgic. Loved this quote from an interview he did with the D-League website on his comeback:

Jerry [Sloan] and I used to butt heads all the time and I thought he was getting on me because he needed somebody to get on. Now I look back on the things he said to me and they’re all making sense…

I love Jerry to death. He was old school. I played with two of the best to ever step on the floor, and I was the one taking the brunt when things were going bad. I thought he was just picking on me, and I understand it now.

Funny how things turn out. Greg and Jerry did, as he put it, butt heads all the time, but now they go hunting together and Tag was one of the first people Jerry called when he decided to resign in February.

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