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Training Camp Notes and Quotes: December 16 + Scrimmage

December 18, 2011

** He used to wear a headband. — Ty Corbin on Josh Howard (1)

** I’m not a big lob guy. — Ty Corbin (1)

** Obviously myself at the point, probably Raja at the 2, [Let’s bring Josh off the bench since he just got here. Who’s your three?] Gordon Hayward. Paul Millsap, and Al Jefferson. — Devin Harris‘ picks for the starting five (1)

** As we all know, Deron Williams and Chris Paul are going to be linked forever. This became even more true today. The Jazz and the Hornets gave away Deron’s #8 (to Josh Howard) and CP’s #3 (to Al-Farouq Aminu) on the same day.

As pointed out by @dianaallen, Deron and CP were both also traded to the second fiddle team of a big market (Nets and Clippers, respectively).

For the record, Josh Howard said that he chose #8 because Devin Harris had his #5. Taking it back one more loop, Deron wore #5 in college and chose #8 when he got to Utah because Boozer had #5.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine
** Gordon Hayward on Enes Kanter: He can bang down there and really force his way in but he’s really got a nice touch. (1)


** Yea, child. — Derrick Favors at the scrimmage, responding to young fan’s question, “Are you the best player in the world?”

I never knew that Turkish dancing was so easy to pick up. *shrug, step* *shrug, step* Poor Enes. He was so embarrassed. Also, Fes and the Koof spoiled us rotten three years ago, and a fate of perpetual disappointment has been cast upon us for having it so good before.

** I didn’t know [about the dance-off beforehand], but next year, I’ll dance. I’ll go work on it. — Enes Kanter (2)

** It was terrible, man. I was really disappointed…Fes, he woulda took over. Miss Big Fes. He woulda took over fo sho. — Al Jefferson on the rookie dance-off (2)

** Turkish people don’t know how to dance. — Memo Okur (3)

(1) KALL
(2) KFAN
(3) Utah Jazz

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