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Training Camp Quotes: December 14-15 + Jazz Notes

December 16, 2011

** The Miller family has made a commitment to be competitive on the floor by signing a player like Josh Howard. — Kevin O’Connor (2)

** At the end of the day, no matter where you send it, if you send it to middle, if you send it to baseline, you gotta have the effort there. It’s not like it’s gon just solve all our problems. We still gon have to play defense and still gotta have that effort and everything else. — Al Jefferson on the Jazz’s new defensive scheme (2)

** He’s my little brother now. It just nice to have someone from your country, that speak same language. I been through same things when I was rookie at 19, I was in tough time ’cause nobody was around me from my country. I was all alone. So I guess he’s lucky to have–I’m lucky too also I feel like–lucky have someone from Turkey, so I got a lot to teach him and make sure he’s learning about NBA life, NBA basketball on and off the floor so that’s one of the goal to teach him. — Memo Okur on Enes Kanter (1)

** “…Alex…Alex…” — Ty Corbin, talking about Alec Burks (1)

** Ummm…[pause] I don’t know if there’s anything that stands out. He’s got qualities that some of the great ones have. That’s what I see. — Sidney Lowe, on how Ty Corbin stands out from other coaches (1)

** Meh. — Me, on Josh Howard signing

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines
** (H/T @SurlyMae)

** Memo Okur, on lessons learned last year: I kinda came a little bit early, and I shouldn’t have done that. I should’ve wait longer. (2)

(1) KALL
(2) KFAN

Other Jazz Notes
** This just absolutely, unequivocally warms my heart:

** I found Ross Siler to be completely professional and an excellent beat writer during his time with the Jazz — except when it came to Andrei Kirilenko. When it came/comes to Andrei, Siler becomes BTS to Al Jefferson.

Since leaving the Jazz, he has sent many a tweet about Andrei, ranging from it being “WTF” that AK read in the locker room to being “dumbfounded” by Andrei’s “lack of common sense” for having a visa appointment during practice (as if, as any passport holder would tell you, consulates allow you to pick and choose your visa appointment times. For the record, AK had permission from the team to miss practice that day).

Seven exclamation marks. He’s really rejoicing!

When AK said at the end of last season that he would give the Jazz a hometown discount, Siler questioned whether AK wanted to play for the Jazz or just didn’t want to uproot his family. He’s also tweeted about telling people in the Jazz organization that he was “offended on your behalf” that such a highly-paid player would have such little commitment to the team by leaving the locker room two minutes after games were over.

When the Josh Howard signing was announced, I knew Siler would have something to say. Indeed, he did:

I found it funny that he said it seemed like Andrei was trying to get away from his teammates and coaches. Is it possible that Andrei was only trying to avoid Siler, like the time Al didn’t want to talk to reporters (including BTS) after a game last season? If Siler was making comments to team personnel about Andrei, was it within the realm of possibility that Andrei heard about these comments? In my opinion, it is quite possible as his commentary on Andrei didn’t start after he left the Jazz–it started before.

In April 2009, Siler blogged about how the Jazz had gone on a swoon to close the season, and that this was possibly because Andrei had become “disengaged and disenchanted.” Why was he under this impression? Because Andrei was always out of the locker room “within minutes” after games, while most players stayed for “at least 15 minutes.” He had clearly asked everyone to comment on this, because he wrote that AK said nothing was wrong and that neither Jerry nor KOC had a problem with this.

Nevertheless, he “pressed Jerry Sloan for close to five minutes about Kirilenko last week and he found no fault whatsoever with his habits.”

Rather than take Jerry at his word, Siler’s conclusion was that Jerry must not have felt like he could criticize AK after the “meltdown” two years earlier.

So, seeing as how AK had his own BTS in the locker room, was it possible that if Andrei was trying to get away from anyone, it was Siler rather than his teammates/coaches? I think so.

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  1. Jazz87 permalink
    December 17, 2011 9:02 am

    Siler is married…AK has a free pass. Like you all weren’t thinking it too.


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