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Here we go again…

December 11, 2011
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One. Season 2 of When BTS Attacks (Al) premiered on December 9, 2011. (Here’s a recap of Season 1.)

As you probably know by now, police were called to Al’s house the night before training camp and arrested Al’s girlfriend for suspicion of assault. My first thought was that the Trib’s BTS was going to have a field day.

Indeed he did. There was no cause for him to keep tweeting about it since Al declined right off the bat to comment on the situation, but BTS couldn’t help himself.

Nice touch with the third tweet with the “troubles in Minnesota, Utah” part (wherein “troubles in Minnesota” was one DUI, for which Al contritely apologized), as if Al were some sort of Ron Artest/Stephen Jackson type.

Also nice touch with the fourth and fifth tweets in planting the seeds of rumors about how the situation was affecting training camp. This is a classic BTS move, like last season when he wrote the “Raja Bell not considering retirement” story after deciding to go up to Raja and asking him whether he was considering retirement and making it sound like that had been out there and he was setting the record straight.

Finally, brilliant touch with the sixth tweet. “What do you mean I have something against Al? Didn’t you see what I wrote about him being totally professional? Your accusation is clearly baseless.”

Later on in the day, three separate posts appeared on the Trib’s website all saying that Al “refused to discuss his personal life.” Two of the three also said that Al’s career “has been overshadowed by off-the-court drama.” As I said above, there was the one DUI, and what happened yesterday. As for “refused,” BTS couldn’t have used “declined” or another less aggressive- and uncooperative-sounding verb. Of course, I wasn’t there, so maybe Al yelled “I refuse to discuss my personal life with you” at BTS and BTS was simply covering the story the way it happened.

Except Al didn’t.

The Trib posted this video of Al speaking to the media.

Incidentally, check out the title. You have got to be kidding me.

It only gets more unbelievable:

Female reporter: …night for you. You have 100 lbs. on this woman, you held a lot of restraint, tell me what kind of person you are to show that restraint after what she did to you.

Al (calm and polite): That’s a personal matter. I just don’t want to discuss that. I’m here to talk about basketball. It’s a fun day. We got basketball back, training camp with the new guys. That’s what I’m focused on. Last night’s in the past right now, and I’m not discussing this personal matter.

Same female reporter: How are your teammates supporting you through it?

Al: Teammates like family. Family always gonna be with you through the thick and thin.

Same female reporter: The children, are they ok?

Al (smiling and polite): Once again, it’s a personal matter. I’m not talking about it. I want to discuss basketball.

Since the video was uploaded by the Trib, I’m going to go out on a very short limb and assume that the reporter is BTS’ intern. Another possibility:

According to my sources, BTS asked to see Al’s bite marks and Al declined refused. BTS then tweeted about Al using the #TotallyUnprofessional hashtag.

(More media day/training camp stuff tomorrow.)

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  1. Jazzed permalink
    December 11, 2011 10:22 pm

    BTS is a hack. How did the Trib go from top beat writer in league to this? I stopped reading Gordon Monson’s dribble more than a year ago. Hate to do that with a danged beat writer.


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