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Media Day Bits and Media Day Pieces

December 10, 2011

Ten. Double-Take Moment…I can’t get over how much this looks like Deron.

Something about Devin’s jawline area has always reminded me of a young Deron, but with the beard he’s easily mistakeable for Deron.

Nine. So good to have a happy, healthy, 100% Memo back. Love this:

Memo was sad, though, about the white Russian not in the room (which makes two of us). This was the first Jazz training camp without Andrei since 2001 (and, it bears mentioning, the first Jazz training camp without Fes since 2007).

Meanwhile, some people with extremely impressive pedigrees think that Enes Kanter is pretty special:

Raise you hand if you love it that John Stockton’s son refers to the Jazz as “we.” *raises hand* (I’m not stalking you, John Stockton’s sons. I just happened to see that. Honest.)

Also, so happy Earl Watson is back! Earl on returning to Utah:

This was always my first option. I made that very clear. Coming back here’s my first option since the season ended last year. (ABC4)

Eight. Some pretty awesome news:

Seven. Kevin O’Connor is the supreme majesty of TalkingWithoutSayingAnythingLand, but he slipped up the other day and accidentally revealed his view of the Jazz hierachy:

We try to be a little bit prepared with what we’re trying to do [in the future]. We’re putting it right on myself, and Coach Ty, and I told Al and Devin, the only guys that are gonna get blamed are gonna be us four. So why don’t we all stay in this together and figure out how to win. (KFAN)

So in KOC’s eyes, the guys are Al and Devin.

Six. Gordon Hayward:

Five. Ty Corbin has a type. A type of man, and it’s himself.

Description of the type: round head (the shinier the better), barrel chest, small B cup.

Four. We’ve all heard of soul patches, right? Derrick Favors debuting…

Three. [from a few days ago]

*Puts on Jazz fan overreaction cap* So this really irked me. Tell the truth. You have concerns that his personality is too big, or that he talks (tells the truth) too much, or that he’ll pull focus, or that half the team may drop dead after one day of practice. Don’t make it seem like your concern is that Karl Malone would take the job and then shirk his responsibilities or not put the time in. He missed 6 freaking games in 18 seasons due to injury. That’s 6 out of 1,444. He was perennially one of the two most in-shape players on the team even at age of 40. So don’t make it about his work ethic.

Two. “A vote for Rigby is a vote for employment! No mannequin in America should have to be publicly shamed like this! With your help, I can bring an end to mannequin nudity in America! Vote for Rigby!”

One. This deserves its own post. Stay tuned…

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Jazzy Girl permalink
    December 11, 2011 3:08 am

    This feels so good… It’s back!

  2. SurlyMae permalink
    December 11, 2011 6:12 am

    Hilarious!! Especially the Hayward/Friends thing. Sooooo right on.


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