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Mark Eaton denies stealing Shawn Bradley’s bike

November 10, 2011
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So somebody broke into Shawn Bradley’s barn, and the only thing they took was the 31-inch road bike that he had custom made five years ago. The $10,000 bike was meant to prevent him from packing on the pounds after retiring from the NBA, and didn’t have a serial number because it was deemed unnecessary.

Seeing as how the bike is too high even for his 6’10” brother to ride, Shawn automatically suspected the “two people in this state that can ride it.” Sadly (for Shawn), Mark Eaton informed him that he didn’t have it.

Shawn’s second hypothesis was that Greg Ostertag was pranking him, but ruled this out after thinking about it and realizing that Tag is too short to reach the pedals.

So…if you see someone by the roadside trying to wheel this thing along, call Shawn Bradley or the police.

(via KSL)

Update: Y’all can rest easy, the bike has been found! Utah probation officers happened across it in some guy’s house in the same town. Some guy = Joshua Carter, who’s only 6 feet tall. He was arrested and charged for possession of stolen property and felony theft. (ABC4)

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