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Pro Players Charity Classic: “Utah” vs. “Stars”

November 8, 2011

Utah: Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Earl Watson, Ronnie Price, Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, CJ Miles, and Alec Burks

Stars: Enes Kanter, Jeremy Evans, Wesley Matthews, Chauncey Billups, Stephen Curry, Jimmer Fredette, Anthony Tolliver, and Corey Maggette

Final: Utah 144, Stars 128

Enes Kanter and Jimmer

** The jerseys appear to be made out of plastic supermarket bags with holes cut in them.
** The game is being called by Travis Henson and the Deseret News’ Trent Toone. Although their announcing appeared to be awful at first, by the end it was like watching (listening) to some Utah version of “Harold and Kumar.”
** Travis and Trent say “Steven Curry,” “Ee-nis Kanter,” and “Alex Burke.” They eventually shorten “Steven” to “Steph,” but Alec Burks remains “Alex Burke” the entire game…
** …which isn’t even the worst part. They continually refer to Enes Kanter as “the big turkey.” Stop. Just stop.
** What the what? They put Earl Watson and Jeremy Evans on different teams? Madness, I say. Madness.
** Trent and Travis were on mission together. Well, that explains…well, nothing.
** Jeremy jumps ball, and wins. I think he should be doing this when the regular season starts.
** The Jazz “Utah” shoots a bunch of 3s. “Stars” opens up a double-digit lead in the blink of an eye. All is as it ever was.

** In a span of a few minutes, Jeremy jams a finger and Favors busts Kanter’s lip with an errant elbow. Kanter is bleeding.

** “Jimmer is such a nice guy. He is just such a great person. He’s so marketable!” There’s a game going on, fellas.
** Poor Enes Kanter. Truly the unluckiest basketball player that ever lived. Five stitches on his lip and three on his chin. The game organizers won’t let him back in the game. Hasn’t he been locked out enough times in his life?
** “We can go back to talking about Utah State and Logan. I have to add onto what you were talking about…” Um, hello? Game going on?
** I have NOT missed long, dragged out, time-inefficient halftimes.

** Now Trent and Travis are having a discussion on the history of Jimmer dunking and the civility of BYU people. “BYU people are so nice. How can anyone not like BYU?”
** The tweet below just tickled my funny bone in all of the right places. The game has been over for hours, but it’s still making me laugh.

** As I said, Trent and Travis only got more entertaining as the game went on. I’m sorry I didn’t have a drink or two to propel them into the next stratosphere of funny.
** “What is it going to take for the lockout to end?” “One of the sides is going to have to give in.”
** Ding ding ding we have a winner! Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine of the Night (either Travis or Trent): “The fans are yelling for Jimmer to put it up. He does, and it’s short.”
** More UDQM from T&T: “Kanter got eight in–, uh, stitches.” I swear this happened.
** Trent: “Travis, do you do any impressions?” Travis launches into Charles Barkley impression.
** I think I’m having an epiphany. Is this what fans of other teams feel like when they’re listening to Boler and Matty?
** The final seconds/minute of the game is like the All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest. By that, I mean the part of the contest where the dunkers try to do dunks they can’t do before they finally complete a vanilla dunk that fails to impress the judges.
** Trent, you do not disappoint. Ends the night with one final UDQM: “Our best to Mrs. Hansen for letting you come.”

Al Jefferson: Looked good out there. It shows that he’s spent his entire summer working out at P3.
Paul Millsap: Brought back pleasant memories of November in Miami with his 3-point range.
Earl Watson: The game never feels out of control when the ball’s in his hands.
Ronnie Price: Ronnie Price does not believe in gravity. His hops are out of this world. (See what I did there?)
Derrick Favors: We ain’t seen this much beastliness since Karl Malone had [some] hair.
Devin Harris: Good of him to make the trip and play in the game. Wore an Adidas T-shirt during warmups. (Sorry, didn’t notice him much.)
CJ Miles: Congrats to the game organizers for getting CJ to play a game at Salt Lake Community College–something the Jazz coaches were never able to do in all the years of the Rocky Mountain Revue.
Alec Burks: 12-13 shooting. Good look.
Jeremy Evans: Had to see him to believe him.
Enes Kanter: Thanks to Favors’ elbow, fans were left desperately wanting more.

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  1. Jazzy Girl permalink
    November 9, 2011 1:51 am

    This was such a great night! (I did not have to listen to the announcers) If only for two hours, the pain of the NBA lockout was gone. We sat row one and basked in the joy of “Pro” sweat, dunk madness, and pure joy.

    I must say that I was most impressed with; Steph Curry, Wesley Matthews, CJ Miles, and Ronnie Price. These four men stayed after the game and did some real face time with the fans. Steph and Wesley more than the other two. Patiently taking pictures and signing autographs.

    Millsap’s little brother deserves mention. He played with the “Utah” team and did quite well. Another Millsap note: Paul was looking very slender. He said he was going to slim down in the off season so that he could play the 3, and it looked as though he succeeded.

  2. November 9, 2011 9:19 am

    I attended and will add a few comments?:

    Steph Curry: Ultra-impressive, much more athletic than I realized and everything looks easy to him. He would shoot 35% from half-court, as demonstrated by his extended pre-game warmups.

    Jimmer: didn’t impress, his legendary jumper just wasn’t there. He does have a strong build but plays well under the rim and walks with his toes pointed out. I think he’ll be a great ambassador but he is no Steph Curry, atleast not last night.

    Alec Burks: Wowed me! Even though you take all the stats from this game with a grain of salt, he has a nice looking jumper. For a guy who supposedly can’t shoot, he looks very comfortable with the ball and is going to be hard to keep of the floor. I honestly can see some point-guard in him.

    Enes Kanter: Not much game time but he is big. Doesn’t have huge explosion but looks solid. Like everyone, I just didn’t get to see much other than he can make open 16ft jumpshots in warmups.

    Jeremy Evans: Long and athletic!! In warmups, I was impressed by his smooth shot but he didn’t show that much in the game. He always jumps two-footed but man can he jump. Even with other world class athletes, he just stands a part from everyone. I see him as a 10-18 minute a night energy guy. I just know what position he plays, it seems like he’s been a 4 and he is certainly long and can jump but he was punished a few times by Favors and others on the block. I remember a comment he made about being open to playing the 3 to get minutes but he didn’t get the chance last night because after Kanter left he played the 4 or 5 the rest of the night. Breathtaking athletisism though and well like by everyone you can tell.

    Al Jefferson: Strong. This is not the format where he and Kanter were going to be on display but he looked solid. I looked light on his feet and played well when in. He looked great in the post against Kanter and Evans.

    Ronnie Price: He like watching a live video game. Ronnie is a cool dude to say the least. He was sporting the Rick Fox shadow and looked good. He’s a great street-baller for sure. He and CJ Miles had several moments of in-game dunk contests and he was declared the winner by the crowd.

    CJ: Solid but nothing new. CJ seems to be a great guy and he can dunk. His first shot was a 3 pt airball but after that he played well but didn’t realy stand out aside from some nice (but not evans like) dunks.

    Derick Favors: I’m excited!! First time I’ve seen him in person and he is long with long arms and big shoulders. He didn’t do much in the first half but in the 3rd quarter he was a beast. He and Jeremy Evans had about a 4 minute stretch in the 3rd when they had the games best highlights back and forth dunking. He made one base line drop step move over Evans and finished well above the rim. It was probably the best real-game move of the night. His explosion and size are game changing. In the words of Matt Harpring, “Wipe of your drool, Boler.”

  3. November 9, 2011 11:16 am

    Thanks for your comments, Jazzy Girl and Clint. Great getting perspectives from fans that were able to go to the game. Between the two of you, I think you covered almost every Jazzman that played…and I guess I wasn’t alone in not really noticing Devin Harris on the night!

  4. November 9, 2011 1:51 pm

    Okay, I should proof read before I post. Here are a couple of additions.

    Jeremy Evans, I meant to say I don’t know what position he plays.

    Paul Millsap: Impressive! He looked cut and sleak. His jumpshot is feathery and he has a decent handle with the ball. It seems he figures that playing a lot of 3 this year is going to keep him on the floor the most and at this point, I’m a believer. He looked smooth. Every offseason I’m guilty of conjuring up some trade that includes Millsap and he always makes me look like an idiot the following season. So, this year I say just start him at the 3 and see how he’ll still get 16 and 7 and go from there.

    Devin Harris: Didn’t see too much but he doesn’t need to prove a lot in last night’s game.


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