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Full Gamut of Odds and Ends

October 12, 2011

One. Sublime. Perfection. memoismoney’s Karl Malone mix (which, by the way, should come with a warning: Watching this may make you despair over how soft the NBA has become):

Two. More happiness (from SI):

And while we’re on the subject of Stock:

Three. Interesting quote from Ty Corbin:

“We want the players to respect what Jeff says [as] if I was saying it, or what Sidney says [as] if I was saying it. … So the guys understand that these are the coaches and they’re to be treated respectfully, because we’re going to respect the players.” (Trib)

After what happened last season…yeah, I can see why [lack of] respect for coaches would be a point of concern.

Four. Speaking of Ty and points of concern–Ty on his assistant coaches:

Corbin also said he isn’t going to give his assistants specific assignments to begin with, meaning Lowe, a former NBA point guard, will be working with Devin Harris as well as new center Enes Kanter, etc. Same for Layden and Hornacek, who’s been Utah’s part-time shooting coach since 2007.

“Everybody’s coaching. Nobody’s a defensive specialist–nobody’s an offensive (specialist),” Corbin said. “We’re all coaching everything on the floor, and we have all the responsibilities.” (DN)

Reserving judgment for now and I’d be happy to proven wrong, but I can’t help feeling that this recipe will put last season on a stagnant, fingernails-on-chalkboard loop…

Five. As we can see from this ESPN poll, NBA fans/ESPN readers in 45 out of 50 states and all over the world could care less about the NBA cancelling the first two weeks of the season.

It’s been pointed out on Twitter that the Jazz fan base is one of only a few or maybe the only one that overwhelmingly blames the players for the lockout. What does it say about Utah here, though, that it’s emotionally on the same level with the biggest bandwagon fan bases in the league (LAL, Miami, and OKC)?

Six. Devin Harris, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine:

[Enes Kanter]’s physical down low. He’s the type of guy to bang, do kind of the dirty work, which is what he specializes in. He’s got a nice touch around the basket, and I look forward to playing with him again. (KZNS)

Seven. About the lockout: I fault both sides. I’m not more pro- one side than the other. However, the players’ #LetUsPlay and #StandUnited hashtags really irked me.

Note the RT by Derrick Favors; RT’d by Alec Burks as well.

I’ll bet a good percentage of the players that tweeted those aren’t even informed about what’s going on, and let’s not pretend that either side wants to get the deal done more than getting the deal done on its terms. Tweeting #LetUsPlay, therefore, does nothing except alienate fans.

Oh, here’s something new: Parents getting involved.

Honestly, I would feel much more kindly towards everyone if all of them would not speak until they agree to a deal or cancel the season.

Eight. CJ has been spending time in the recording studio. You can download the fruits of his labor here and here.

A line from one of them: “I was blessed with these impeccable vocal cords…”

Nine. AK made his debut for CSKA Moscow last night.

15 points (4-4 from floor; tied for game high), 5 rebounds (team high), 1 assist, 1 block, and drew 6 fouls (7-9 on FTs; team high) in 23 minutes. More on that in the future.

Ten. Finally, probably the best lockout-related post I’ve seen via SportsPickle:

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