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Sidney Lowe and the Bromance That Wrote Itself

October 7, 2011

Look at them, all matching. Adorable.

SLC Dunk kicked off the bromance on Twitter:

The Trib followed suit:

** “When we got back together here, it was just like we had never been apart. We talked about old things, we laughed like we used to…” — Sidney Lowe on Ty Corbin (1)

** “I called him first, but after a month or so when he called me, I knew right away I wanted to be with him.” — Sidney Lowe on Ty Corbin (3)

** “I don’t question his loyalty.” — Ty Corbin on Sidney Lowe (1)

Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that Ty and Sid have the same body? Thick, barrel-chested, small B cup.

Other Quotey Quotes

** “We’re close to completing the staff, and you’ll be real surprised, real happy with the guy we have.” — Ty Corbin, the day before the official announcement (1)

** “I have all the confidence in the world in David Stern and we’re gonna keep pressing on this thing for the good of basketball, for the good of our players, and for the good of the organizations.” — Randy Rigby (1)

** “The real plus for Sidney Lowe is he’s got a great personality.” — Brian T. Smith (2)

** “[Are you a Twitter person now?] Uh, no. But I, I read one once. [What did it say?] Didn’t like it. So I shut it off.” — Kevin O’Connor (3)

** “[In discussions with ownership, are fans ever mentioned and is there concern of losing fans?] I really can’t. I think everybody’s commented on that. That’s been out there. That gets close to writing a check.” — Kevin O’Connor (3)

Um, I follow the Jazz like a hawk and the only person affiliated (and I use that term loosely) with the Jazz I’ve heard mentioning the fans this entire time was Jerry.

** “Coach and I have talked about some things, talked about the defensive end, which I feel good about, being involved on the defensive end, and probably work a little bit with our big guys.” — Sidney Lowe (1)

Well, that’s it. Those of us that have been clamoring for a big man coach can stop clamoring. We got one now. On a completely unrelated noted, Lowe was a point guard.

** “[How much interaction have you had with Ty over the years?] Talked to him when I was in the league, obviously. When I went to [coach at North Carolina State], not as much but towards the end there I started to reach out to him a little bit and called and congratulated him on getting the job and then realized that he had a position [open] later. So I told him, ‘Now I’m calling for a job.'” — Sidney Lowe (3)

(1) KFAN
(2) KZNS
(3) KALL

Sidney Lowe

** Career NBA coaching record: 79-228 (.257)
** NBA Career: 193 games with 5 teams in 4 seasons
** Career NBA playing averages: 2.9 points (.367 FG%; .133 3P%; .764 FT%), 1.7 reb, 3.9 ast, 1.0 steals
** Played with Thurl Bailey at North Carolina State and with Ty Corbin in Minnesota

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    October 8, 2011 12:46 am

    Your blog just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. Some days it truly is the best part of my day, so as always – thanks.


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