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Mostly Stuff Y’all Already Know Odds and Ends

September 23, 2011

…aka mostly stuff that happened while I was distracted with Eurobasket.

One. The following Jazz-Parks and Recreation crossover inspired by a tweet from @scrantonicity33:

Two. Memo has signed with Turkish team Turk Telecom with an out clause if the lockout ends. He said that he is “hungry” to play basketball, and would also love the opportunity to play for the Turkish national team again in the future. (TBF; Turkish)

Three. Steve Luhm from the Trib sat down with Jerry Sloan this past week. Among other topics, they talked about the lockout. Jerry had this to say:

I’ve always hated to see it. It’s difficult enough for an organization to cultivate fans. And now you put [fans] in a position of not wanting to go to the games, maybe, because of what’s going on. That has always concerned me because nobody is going anywhere without fans. … That’s the thing that I hope isn’t overlooked. I hope we don’t lose any fans. (Trib)

When was the last time When have you ever heard either a player or an owner or an NBA official mention the fans in all this? That’s Jerry.

They also talked about the possibility of him returning to coaching. If you’re keeping score at home, so far the people that say they think Jerry will return to the sidelines include:

** Jerry’s daughter (“I know him probably better than anybody, and I think he probably will come back.”)
** Jerry’s wife (“I just don’t see him staying retired. I just can’t see that happening.”)
** Jerry’s farm caretaker (“If the right deal came along, maybe. He might do it again.”)
** Dave Checketts (“He looks like he’s ready [to get back to coaching], and it won’t be long. I believe he’ll be back on a sideline some place.”)
** Gregg Popovich (“I just can’t see him staying on the farm. Jerry’s too freakin’ competitive.”)

What did Jerry have to say? “I’m sure some people would be concerned about my age, at this point. But I feel like I’m in terrific shape. I don’t know what that means. And that can change tomorrow, of course. But I feel good.” (Trib)

The Jazz can say that Jerry retired all they want, but whether he comes back or not, in my book he didn’t retire; he resigned from the Jazz.

Luhm also wrote about Phil Johnson being honored by the Utah-Southern Idaho chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as its Man of the Year. Phil has been working for the cause since one of his sons was diagnosed with MS, and Jerry gave him a one-man standing O at the ceremony. Among the Johnsons’ other causes, Mrs. Phil is also on the Boards of Bear Lake Watch and Navajo Santa.

Four. The Jazz have hired a new head scout, Rich Sheubrooks. Watching this video from this year’s Nike Hoop Summit (in which the off-camera reporter tried to get Sheubrooks to say something bad about Enes Kanter), I can see why the Jazz thought it was a good fit. In the final seconds of the video, he utters Ty Corbin’s favorite line: “It is what it is.”

Five. Nicolas Batum on Andrei Kirilenko (via Google Translate):

In [France’s Eurobasket] match against Russia, I was not worried about how much will score, I was focused on the care of Andrei Kirilenko. Kirilenko for me–almost older brother, he is very, very long arms, like me, and I know he’s great plays without the ball. So for years I studied him, watching him play. (

Batum’s French teammate, Joakim Noah, on Andrei Kirilenko (via Google Translate):

[What are your impressions of the Russian team?] …We should talk about Andrei Kirilenko – with its phenomenal vision for the site and the ability to read game situations happened to learn first-hand in the NBA. This guy knows everything. And what would work on the site or doing, it seems that it provides him with remarkable ease.

We have a similar style acts Nicolas Batyum, but the level of AK while he concedes. (

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    September 23, 2011 11:37 pm

    If Jerry comes back, I will be an instant fan of whatever team he coaches. No matter who it is.

  2. September 24, 2011 12:35 am

    Jerry always knew that it was all about pleasing fans with fun hard play. He played for the fans in pre-season until meaningless games before the playoffs. :)


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