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Eurobasket Round 2, Game 3: Turkey vs. Serbia

September 12, 2011

Enes Kanter Eurobasket Round 2 Highlights:

Turkey vs. Serbia
Same old story. Turkey fell behind early, clawed its way back, but couldn’t do enough or hadn’t done enough to take it.

Kanter got the second half start, but played the third fewest minutes on the team despite three players not even getting in the game. In the third quarter, there were several possessions where all four of Kanter’s teammates just stood around on the perimeter watching him battle against five opponents.

In what would be a 1-point game in which Turkey collected just 5 TOs to Serbia’s 13, and in a game in which Turkey had a FTA advantage of 29-16, it shot just 55% at the line. Essentially, Turkey shot itself in the foot with its free throw shooting.

A truly random Kanter montage shown during the second quarter:

Kanter’s line: 11 points (4-9; team high-tied); 5 rebounds (3 offensive), and 1 steal (1 turnover) in 17 minutes.

So…that’s it. Turkey’s out, and we have no idea when we will be able to see Enes Kanter on a basketball court again. *weepy face*

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night
** He’s not getting any penetration. And he’s out. Tepic in.
** I’d like to see him get inside more.
** Kanter gets sucked into the lane and eventually comes out.
** Turkey trying to ride the back of a 19-year old right now.
** Jeff, that’s what I’m talking about. Quick release from the big man.

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