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Eurobasket Day 6: Ukraine vs. Belgium (Redux)

September 8, 2011

Update: Oh, sadness. Fes tore a knee ligament on that play and is out for two months. According to this, he had an oral agreement with Dnipro and that contract will now depend on the results of a physical.

Didn’t get a chance to see what happened in Ukraine vs. Belgium til now. Kyrylo Fesenko’s Eurobasket run sadly ended with a knee injury courtesy of DJ Mbenga.

However, we did get this wonderful, classic Fes moment while he was waiting to check in:

Fes entered the game at the end of the first quarter and got a rebound right off the bat. Before the end of the quarter, he’d also scored on a nice hook shot. Just 30 seconds into the second quarter, however, Fes banged knees with Mbenga. It must have hurt pretty bad, because he dragged himself off the court with his arms as soon as he hit the floor.

The trainer then came over to #MagicSpray him before Fes was helped off the court by two teammates. As he hopped past the bench, he raised his arms above his head and applauded. Then he hopped to the locker room so fast that the teammate dispatched to accompany him had to run to catch up lol.

Fes did come out and sit behind the bench (though horizontally) before the end of the first half, but was nowhere to be seen in the second half. No word if he shared AK’s ambulance to the hospital.

When I saw the final score and that Fes had only played 3 minutes, I assumed they were garbage minutes. Some wisdom we can all follow: Don’t judge a game by its box score.

This is neither here nor there, but seeing as how this is probably the last Ukraine Eurobasket post: Fes has one teammate, Viacheslav Kravtsov, that is almost indistinguishable from him in non-close up shots. The best way I can explain it is running Fes through Photoshop and–

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