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‘Twas the night before Eurobasket…

August 31, 2011’s Google Translated caption: “As soon appeared, Andrei Kirilenko was in the spotlight.”

Earlier this year (when AK and Fes were both still Jazzmen), Fes joked that he would room with AK in Lithuania. The two teams are apparently staying at the same hotel and either had dinner together or ran into each other at dinner on Eurobasket Eve.

Fes actually got an interview request from the media, but it seems they mainly wanted to ask him about Andrei.

Q: Let’s go back to the upcoming fight. First you have to play against ex-partner, “Utah” by Andrei Kirilenko. The guys from the Ukraine team, probably, all ears buzz with questions about the Russian star?
Fesenko: That’s right. I try to tell everybody how to act against Kiri. But I’ll tell you what words to explain this is impossible. You can spend several years with the same team and still will not understand when and how he plays. Here I am four years have been with him side by side, but still amazed that he sometimes gets up on the site. It would seem a simple solution to any situation, but he suddenly chooses that I would never have occurred. And then you realize – it’s brilliant and with maximum efficiency. Today Kirilenko will be our headache is the only thing I can predict for sure.

Q: Can you describe in one word Kirilenko?
Fes: Mister unpredictability.

Q: What do you personally learned from him for four years he spent in the “Utah”?
Fes: Excellent play “Vorkraft”! And not like, and it literally made! (, Google Translated)

Turkey, meanwhile, was dealing with a major catastrophe. The team had brought along its own chef to Lithuania, but the hotel they were staying at wouldn’t let the chef into the kitchen. Fortunately, team officials were able to negotiate their way out of this crisis and the first meal enjoyed by the Turkish team in Lithuania consisted of “salad, tzatziki, rice, pasta, chicken and eggplant dish.” Sounds delish.

BTW, a new Enes Kanter revelation:

“There are dozens of us! Dozens!”

Turkey vs. Portugal in one hour! (then, one hour nap, then) Russia vs. Ukraine in four hours! Squeeee!!!

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