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Bits that aren’t technically related to the Jazz…

August 18, 2011

…as none of these individuals are under contract with the Jazz.

Jerry Sloan
No doubt you’ve already seen this as it was in yesterday’s Downbeat, but:

Sandee Brewer was walking her dog along the Jordan River Parkway recently when she suddenly had one of those “I-can’t-believe-I-just-did-that” moments. As she went to throw some trash into a large dumpster, she inadvertently tossed in her car keys as well. She couldn’t quite reach inside, and was unable to tip the large canister. So guess who came to the rescue? Jerry Sloan. The former Utah Jazz coach, who appeared to have been jogging on the trail, answered her call for help. He retrieved a windshield wiper with a long handle from his truck, lifted himself up to see inside the dumpster and fished the keys out of the trash. (Trib)

Didn’t think I could miss Jerry any more than I do, but it turns out I can.

Andrei Kirilenko (and Kevin Durant)
Take this for what it’s worth because it was reported earlier this month that one of the only two Russian clubs AK would play for, CSKA Moscow, had finalized its roster in July and would not be adding any other players.

Reports coming out of Russia today, however, say that the team is in advanced talks with both AK (€ 3 million per season with early termination clause in the event that the NBA lockout ends) and Kevin Durant (€ 1 million per month).

Francisco Elson
The captain of the Dutch national team has been suffering from a knee injury, and therefore just recently played his first game with the team this summer.

He only scored two points, but he did block two shots and perhaps even more importantly, posed for dozens of photographs with fans.

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