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Better Post These Before They’re Even More Outdated Odds and Ends

August 6, 2011

One. DN’s Brad Rock recently caught up with Jerry Sloan.

I’m guessing that everyone’s read this already, but the quote that got to me was when he said, “I think you always have to keep yourself in a position to do something. I never said that I’d never coach again. I might want to coach my grandkids or something; I wouldn’t want to back down on that proposal.”

I think of Jerry as having resigned from the Jazz, not having retired from coaching, which makes his departure that much harder to process. Yes, still harping on.

Two. From Twitter today, we get a little bit more of Jerry:

Three. Enes Kanter is kind of a big deal. When he arrived back in Turkey earlier this summer to join the national team, they held (Turkish) a press conference right there at the airport. The manager of the national team was also there waiting. It bears saying that Kanter hasn’t played for the Turkish men’s team before.

During his post-draft media tour in Utah, I noticed he liked to start every other sentence with “First of all…” Via Google Translate, it’s pretty funny to me that he apparently does that in his native tongue as well.

Four. Enes at practice with the Turkish national team:

Five. Finally, we have Russian national team head coach David Blatt talking about AK’s effect on the team (again, via Google Translate):

More on this in a few minutes…

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