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Coming To You From Overseas Odds and Ends

August 2, 2011

Goodness…I think there’s actually enough stuff to fill up five numbers. Kinda, sorta.

One. The Mailman is off on a USO tour. From his FB USO Photo Diary:

“I told the organizers of this trip, with all due respect to the generals and the leaders over there, I want to meet the troops. I want to eat what they eat. I want to drink what they drink. I don’t want anything special. I just want to enjoy being with them and give back. I think I can give back by giving my time and telling thanks for being so far from home and making sacrifices.”

Karl Malone is awesome. I love how he puts his money where his mouth is. And doesn’t this (DN) just bring a smile to your face?

Two. Speaking of things that bring a smile to my face, let’s get an update on Enes Kanter. Our boy can be found on the front of

Per the article, Turkish national team coach Orhun Ene “has been impressed with how quickly the Utah Jazz draftee has integrated himself into the squad.” Ene took a risk including Kanter on the squad because Kanter hadn’t played organized basketball in 16 months, but:

“He is already playing as part of the team,” [Ene] said. “Both on the court and off it, he has become part of the team very quickly. The fact that he had not played for so long posed a serious question in our minds at first, but he has adapted very quickly.”

I can’t wait to see Kanter play. I really can’t.

Three. Fes’ Ukraine recently took part in a friendly three-team tournament. A month and change ago, Ukrainian national team head coach Mike Fratello told Bill Simmons that he thought Fes could be the team’s go-to guy. With the tournament over, let’s see how he did (via SLC Dunk)

Fess doesn’t seem to be getting much PT with the Ukrainian Men’s team. In three games, he’s put up 3 & 3, 10 & 7 with 3 blocks, and 2 points with 3 steals. His best game with 10 points came against in a blow-out against Estonia.

From go-to guy to garbage minutes. I wonder what went wrong there.

Four. AK’s Russia, meanwhile, will be playing in a four-team tournament (The Koof’s Greece, Italy, Bulgaria) in Cyprus from August 5-7. I am chomping at the bit to see the games, but I dare not let myself hope there will be streams available. I am dying without basketball. DYING, I said.

AK has reportedly said (Russian; “reportedly” because I have to rely on Google Translate, but the article has a direct quote from him) that if he plays in Russia, he would only consider the two teams he played for before landing in Utah — CSKA Moscow and Spartak St. Petersburg. The latter’s sports director confirmed (Russian) last week that the team is negotiating with AK, and, in regards to salary, said that they wouldn’t have entered into negotiations with AK if they couldn’t pay him but that their number is less than $10 million.

As for CSKA, Kirilenko’s agent apparently approached (Russian) the team ten days ago, but they had finalized their roster a month ago and are not negotiating with anyone.

Five. For your Jazzy Girl’s viewing pleasure, here’s another picture of Glasses AK:

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    August 2, 2011 11:35 pm

    1) That pic actually made my eyes tear up. Lame-o. Bless those among us who do good with their money, position, pulpit.

  2. Jazzy Girl permalink
    August 3, 2011 1:57 pm

    Thank you so much for that!! Instant smile!! I enjoyed the picture before I read the post… and then I enjoyed it more!! I love AK and his sexy hair/glasses-self!
    Thanks for the happiness (the whole post not just AK)
    I love Karl:’)

    • August 3, 2011 9:35 pm

      your happiness was infectious as i read your comment!!


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