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Everything comes full circle…the circle of life…or whatever

July 13, 2011

I’ve been watching a lot of old Jazz videos lately (what else is there to do?). Came across a video of the night the Mailman passed Wilt Chamberlain and rose to #2 on the Career Points list. Apart from sending me into yet another bout of nostalgia over the good ol’ days when our team was a team instead of a bunch of players held together with safety pins and Scotch tape, a couple of guys on the opposing team caught my eye.

After Karl scores the bucket that moves him up the list–and by the way, he did with style (an underhanded scoop shot)–Toronto scores on the other end. BRuss then throws the ball out of bounds on the Jazz’s end, which stops the clock. Jazz players congratulate Karl, and John Starks screams in Karl’s face.

The crowd is up on its feet, and Karl acknowledges them with a few finger points and waves. Interestingly enough (likely only to me), Phil Johnson was sporting a nekkid upper lip during this era.

Then Toronto players come over to congratulate Karl. Look who hugs Karl, but is decidedly not happy for someone else’s success. Why, it’s Mark Freakin Jackson!

(Why there is no pointed tail: I tried drawing one, but it kept coming out like a part of the male anatomy.)

Who else was on hand? Why, there’s our coach.

And didya happen to notice that young man in a suit next to Ty Corbin? That would be a youthful, yet unsurprisingly injured Vince Carter.

Hurray for play-by-plays on decade-old Youtube videos. @_@

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    July 14, 2011 5:45 am

    Phil looks so odd.
    Thanks for the old footage.


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