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2011 NBA Draft Blog, Part 2

June 24, 2011

** The “Youston Rockets” take Marcus Morris right after his twin goes to Phoenix.
** By now, it’s clear. The name of the game is pocket squares. By my count, 13 of the 22 draftees present today sported them.

However, nobody bothered telling the Morris twins, who jacked ties from strangers at the last minute to stuff their pockets.

Meanwhile, their mom is asked whether she ever envisioned when she gave birth to them that they would both become pro basketball players. Calling Captain Subtext:

** I would say Kawhi Leonard’s black suit with white piping was the only risk-taking we saw today. ESPN analysts: “He will play on both ends.”

** Nicola Vucevic is the first pick from the stands at #16. Tallest player at this year’s combine. He is so excited he can barely contain himself:

** #17: You knew the Knicks took someone with a non-English name because David Stern leans in towards his podium and pauses. It’s Iman Shumpert, and he’s the first pick that’s not in the house. ESPN: “He can pull out and get to the rim on time.”
** Chris Singleton–last guy in the “Green Room”–is taken at 18 by the Bullets. You’d think all this would go together, but somehow it doesn’t.

** #19, Tobias Harris, also in the house. #20, Donatas Montejunas, isn’t. At #21, the Trail Blazers take Nolan Smith. Seconds later, he trips and breaks something. #karma
** As we get into the 20s, the crowd’s enthusiasm and interest are waning. Everyone either has a nice buzz by now, or has gone home. However, they come alive every time David Stern comes back out to boo him. Love it.
** #22, Kenneth Faried, is holding his baby daughter in the crowd. He thanks his mom, dad, and daughter. No mention of the mother.

** #23: David Stern completely butchers the player’s name (Nikola Mirotic), hometown, last team he played for, and well, the entire sentence.
** Serge Ibaka in the house and applauding OKC’s choice of Reggie Jackson at #24. Er…mug shot or player portrait?

** Marshon Brooks at #25 with the only bow tie of the night. I like it.

** #29: Cory Joseph. You may not have heard of him, but all the other GMs in the league are kicking themselves right now for not picking him. The Spurs wanted him, so he’s probably a future All-Star. That’s how the Spurs roll.
** 30th pick: Crowd boos. David Stern: “Thank you for that.” After announcing the pick (Jimmy Butler; what a Jazz-sounding player name), he thanks them for their enthusiasm. Adam Silver comes to the podium and lets out a cheerful, “Helloooo, New Jersey!” He gets cheers from the crowd, and then proceeds to stumble over the very first name–Bojan Bogdanovic–he announces.
** #35 is billed as “Jimmer Fredette’s next teammate.” Turns out to be Jazz draft workout-ee Tyler Honeycutt, who is in the house.
** Most made-up name of the night: E’twaun Moore at #55.

Moore is followed by Chukwudiebere Maduabum, Tanguy Ngombo, and Ater Majok.
** Last but not least: Isaiah Thomas, who apparently was so named because his dad lost a bet during a Lakers-Pistons game. Adam Silver leaves the stage with a jaunty wave.
** Random sighting in Minnesota (check out the name under the tape):

** Finally: All the draft picks’ moms need new hair. That is all.

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  1. shandonfan permalink
    June 28, 2011 10:09 pm

    AWESOME. Seriously, though, WTF, Morris twins?


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