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2011 NBA Draft Blog, Part 1

June 24, 2011

** Let’s check in on the Jazz’s spanking new draft arena cam:

** Stuart Scott: “There is still a little bit of resentment towards Lebron in Cleveland.” A little bit? That’s ESPN and its ass-kissing LBJ coverage for ya.

** Meanwhile, the ESA is filling up like nobody’s business:

** 10 minutes later, arena cam still has not moved from KFAN guy.

** It’s starting. David Stern comes out and I boo along with the rest of the crowd.
** Irving and DWill2 gone. Irving continues in the tradition of past #1 picks that can pass as 40-year olds (see James, Lebron and Oden, Greg)…

…while Derrick Williams is all like:

** The draft caps are seriously hideous. Jazz on the clock. In the meantime, ESPN makes me sad with this:

** Enes Kanter. ESPN’s analysis: “Not just tall, large.” With all objectivity, I have to say that the Jazz’s draft hat is not as ugly as the rest. Then again, it’s all relative.

** Enes on Memo: “I just cannot wait to play with him.” He also continues the tradition of the Jazz being a place where bad haircuts go to die. There’s something really endearing about him though. He seems so thrilled to be picked/picked by the Jazz.
** Another thought: The Turkish NBA fan market is all ours, right? Since we’ve got two Turkish Delights now and everybody else only has one at the most?

** It’s early still, but I like Tristan Thompson for the highest-waisted pants award.

** Jeff Van Gundy: “…Valen…uh, the big guy from Lithuania.” I predict young teenage girls are dropping one heartthrob Jonas (Jerebko) for another (Valen…uh).

** The ESPN analysts are admiring Jan Vesely’s lady friend…who’s probably taller than half the NBA. He creates a stir when he kisses her for like a good three seconds after his name is called. He’s compared himself to AK in the past; he appears to also share AK’s aversion to haircuts.

** You can’t help but feel happy for Bismack Biyombo:

** The NBA has had it with American divas, aka we have had a string of unintelligible post-pick interviews in a row. In related news, Brandon Knight is pissed. After David Stern finally says his name, he heads outside to kill someone or flip a car or something.
** Let’s give it up for the winner of this year’s Karl Malone Draft Day Suit Memorial Award: Kemba Walker!

Kemba’s mom: “This feels like the day I gave birth to him.”

** The Kings take Jimmer via Milwaukee’s pick at 10. Cue music around Utah: “Where do broken hearts go…can they find their waaaaay home…” Definitely the loudest cheers of the night from the crowd. Didn’t Jimmer supposedly have three suits to choose from though? Guess he didn’t get a choice for shirts since he showed up in this:

** I love the crowd for booing David Stern every time he comes back to the podium. Speaking of which, say what you want about Utah, but that is one white crowd.
** Klay Thompson goes 11th to Golden State. Predictably, ESPN goes to commercial with the Jazz pick coming up at 12. For the past two years, we’ve missed Jazz picks being announced due to commercials. Jazz go with Alec Burks. Farewell, my half-hearted pick of Chris Singleton (half-hearted was half a heart more than I had for any other pick). Alec Burks’ ensemble brings to mind Terrence Williams’ draft day suit, which two years ago I dubbed the winner of the “a white guy can’t get away with this outfit” award.

** After the Jazz’s pick, freaking ESPN goes one pick back with its coverage and puts Mark freaking Jackson’s fat face on my screen. I fight the urge to punch my screen.

Stuart Scott to Mark Jackson: “We still miss you.” I sure as hell don’t.

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    June 25, 2011 1:16 am

    I love this blog. That is all.


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