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Draft Workout Odds and Ends, Edition #5

June 20, 2011

Welcome to the second-to-last edition of my random, irrelevant draft coverage. We had six guys in today: Paul Carter, Jordan Hamilton, Tobias Harris, Tyler Honeycutt, Marcus Morris, and Chris Singleton.

It was Paul Carter’s second workout with the Jazz (he was also in attendance at the Jimmer workout), while it was Tyler Honeycutt’s 16th or 17th workout and Jordan Hamilton’s 11th overall.

So by now it’s completely clear that my draft prospect knowledge is zip. I liken paying attention to the draft to frantically dating and trying to find your true love (or as the Impressive Clergyman from “The Princess Bride” would say, “truuuuu wuv”) one month before the arranged marriage that your parents have set for you. You have roughly a 1-in-30 chance that the person you fall in love with will be the one you end up marrying*, but the odds aren’t that great.

*Modern day addendum: if neither are you with happy with your arranged marriages, you can try picking up the relationship again in three years or so.

I’ve listened, with half an ear, to some of the draft-related podcasts posted on KFAN, KZNS, and KALL. One of the ones I listened to–though I can’t remember which station posted it, or which national sportswriter/expert it was with, or what that expert said–left me believing that Chris Singleton is the player we should draft (Sam Young was two years ago’s Chris Singleton for me).

Unfortunately, by his own admission he didn’t have a good showing at the workout today. Ah well; we’ll see what happens on Draft Day.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Day
** Tyrone Corbin on Tobias Harris: Young guy, huge body for his age…he has a great body for a young guy.
** Tyrone Corbin on Marcus Morris: He can use guys’ body, feel ’em, bump off of ’em, and still get his shot off…he can really get into guys. (both KALL)

Hmmm….I seem to have, however accidentally, actually mentioned all of the guys at the workout today. Score.

Monday’s workout will be the last, and it’ll be Alec Burks, Zach Graham, John Holland, Delvon Johnson, Willie Reed, and Klay Thompson.

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