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Draft Workout Odds and Ends, Edition #1

May 30, 2011

One. The Jazz had six draft prospects in to work out. They posted interviews with four of them, in which they played word association with two of them (JaJuan Johnson and Jeremy Tyler) with the word(s) “Utah Jazz.”

JaJuan Johnson: “Karl Malone and John Stockton. The Mailman. I just remember watching those Playoff series and I just remember this one sign that said, “The Mailman delivers on a Sunday” when they were playing in [?*] in the Playoffs. Don’t know why that just stuck with me.”

*Johnson is from Indiana and it sounds like he said “Indiana,” but the Jazz never played Indiana in the Playoffs.

Jeremy Tyler: “They have a really good program. Definitely a program that’s been solid for the last couple of years.”


Shelvin Mack: “John Stockton and Karl Malone, just running the pick and roll over and over. Just doing the simple basketball plays and winning basketball games.”

Markieff Morris: “Mr. Hornacek, John Stockton, Karl Malone pick and roll you to death.” (KUTV)

I admit it–I can’t believe anyone would not say John and Karl. I know these guys are young, but they’re not that young…right? It depresses me to think that there are basketball players and fans alive today that will not know and see and experience the greatness of Stockton and Malone, that they will really only know of the abstract legend of them like how I only know of Oscar and Bill and Wilt. Anyhoo, moving on…

Two. KOC says that reports of Enes Kanter turning down an interview with the Jazz were overblown. Also, “I wound up talking to [Kanter] in a hallway at the combine, and he was asking about Memo and how Memo liked it [in Utah].”

Three. BPA! BPA! BPA!

KOC: We’re going to take the best player. We’ve had people turn down interviews, that we’ve taken.

KSL: Would you take a player that says, “I don’t want to play for the Utah Jazz?”

KOC: Yeah. Absolutely. Other teams have shied away from doing that, and it’s cost them…I think you gotta take the best player and you gotta say, “Show up and play. You’re getting paid.”

Four. More KOC on what the Jazz need to get back into contention: Everybody needs size…You can always use really good basketball players. We can use shooting. Our wings are very young. We’d like not to get younger there, but we may do that. When you’re not in the Playoffs, there’s a lot of positions that need [filling]. (KSL)

Five. Just to reiterate what we all already know: Ante Tomic is not in the Jazz’s near-future plans. (Trib)

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  1. udowado permalink
    May 30, 2011 10:07 pm

    I’m interested by KOC’s comments on the wing players. I wonder if that means that they’re either planning on giving Raja/Miles a shot at being the solution at the 2 spot…Does it mean that he’s interested in going after one of the more commonly mentioned “available” wings (Iggy, Granger, Gay?)? I can’t wait to see how the off season unfolds. In KOC we trust!

    • May 31, 2011 7:27 am

      It makes me wonder whether CJ is one of the veteran guys the Jazz will be going to to get less young at the position, or whether he’s one of the guys that’s making the Jazz so young at the position that they have to look for a more veteran wing…I can’t wait either :)


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