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Randy Rigby talks draft, player development, fortune cookies

May 20, 2011
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** Jazz President Randy Rigby: Great teams hold on to systems and philosophies, and that’s what we’ve always tried to do. Does that system mean that we are willing to modify and change and improve our thinking and fine-tune it? You bet. The world doesn’t stay flat and consistent. You’ve got to be moving as the times change.

** Locke: The passive Gordon Hayward, at some point in the year, almost became pissed off.
Rigby: Yes.
Locke: …He was really pissed about how bad we were defensively. And I said, keep that in you because at some point it’s going to be your team and you’re going to get to institute that culture on it…the question came in my mind like, when is that?
Rigby: I’ve been interested to see the conversations that I know Ty and Kevin are having. They made a visit to the Haywards and to Gordon and to his girlfriend support staff and saying, “Let’s get all of us on the same page of where we want to be as an organization. You individually, and us as a team.” No question. We want to and need to step up our defensive toughness, and those issues are being addressed, and it starts one-on-one. So they’re having those conversations with both Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward and what we’re expecting them to really be doing, and Ty gave me an update of his conversations with some of them, and I was very impressed with the process that’s going on.

** Locke: Who is Derrick Favors’ support team, and what games and who is he playing with this summer?
Rigby: That’s a good question. I’m not privy to that. I know even when Ty and Kevin talked with them about those kind of pick-up games, they said you need to be doing those things but there’s certain routines that you do just on your own and you set it up as a regular routine at a certain time and I think that was also smart counsel.

** Rigby: You analyze [draft prospects] psychologically as best as you could, and physiologically as well–speed and quickness and jumping ability and all these things. As we walked out of [the combine last year], Jerry turned to me and he said, “I’d like to just have one person tell me what’s right there” and he pointed to his heart. He said the heart of that player, and that’s the essence of what you really want to know.

** Rigby: Chris Baum, my senior vice president of broadcasting…last evening was taking his family to a Chinese restaurant, and he said he opened his fortune cookie literally* ten minutes before the lottery began…and the fortune said, “Your lucky number is 3.” So it started right there.

*said like Chris (Rob Lowe) on “Parks and Recreation”

** Stats from Locke for 1997-2007:
Picks 1-5: 31% All-Stars; 62% starters; 9% non-impact;
Picks 6-10: 20% All-Stars; 44% starters; 27% non-impact;
Picks 11-30: 2% All-Stars; 15% starters; 49% non-impact;
Picks 11-15 [worst success rate of any 5-pick sequence]: 0% All-Stars; 9% starters; 49% non-impact. (KFAN)

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  1. C33 permalink
    May 21, 2011 8:04 am

    Haha, someone linked your story on Rigby and credited m for the writeup.

  2. C33 permalink
    May 21, 2011 8:05 am


    • May 21, 2011 8:11 am

      well…you know how all us jazz fans look alike lol


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