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First of hopefully not many: Offseason Odds and Ends

April 18, 2011

[Disclaimer: Some of this is leftovers from the season and therefore irrelevant.]

One. Gone fishing:

First of hopefully not many: Offseason Odds and Ends

TNT’s “Gone Fishing” for the Jazz was brutal, though I have to say the facial expressions are pretty funny:

Two. The Jazz have an 82 out of 1,000 chance to get the first pick in the draft (75 from the Nets pick; 7 from our own).

Three. Ronnie P will represent the Jazz during labor negotiations even if the Jazz don’t re-sign him:

But Price will continue to represent Utah during labor negotiations even if he lacks a new deal. He respects the game and his teammates too much to leave his post during the most crucial situation that the league has faced in more than a decade. “I want everyone to be on top of everything this summer, and I want to be able to help them with that,” Price said. (trib)

Four. (irrelevant) Our opponents’ FTA in home games stayed the same after Jerry resigned, while the Jazz’s FTA went down by almost 2 attempts per game. For the season, the Jazz shot 2.27 less FTs per game at home than opponents.

Five. (irrelevant but crazy) We only had 8 players available during our last game. Only 1 of them–Millsap–was on the Jazz roster last year. (!!!) The other 7 were all new guys and rookies (Harris, Al, Earl, Francisco, Hayward, Evans, Favors.)

Six. (irrelevant) Remember all the drama when Raja said that CJ was better suited to start because he fit better into the Jazz’s one-on-one style of play? CJ agrees that the Jazz are a one-on-one team:

[Shots that come as the shot clock is running out] are the worst. Those are the worst, especially when it’s your first shot and somebody screams “Red!” There’s 2 seconds on the clock, and somebody flings you the ball 3 feet behind the 3-point line…

Not to make excuses–I take a lot of responsibility for it, the consistency thing–but when you look at the games and when I play well and some of the games even when I didn’t play so well, mediocre games, it comes from the way we run things, the way we do things too. I’m not the first option and I understand that; I know that. It’s not a big deal that I’m not, but there’ll be times where things get ran and all of a sudden you go 8 minutes and you haven’t touched the ball and they swing the ball around the horn and you gotta take that shot. Sometimes, it’s tough to make shots like that the way we run the offense.

Later in the year, we got real stagnant offensively. You could see it. We stood around, just watched each other. We throw the ball in the post and just watched, waiting for somebody to make something happen. It’s hard to play like that. When we play well, we have a system, we swing the ball and everybody’s involved, our offense is hard to guard and there’s spacing for guys like me who create their own shot. (KFAN)

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