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Locker Room Cleanout and the Occasional Random Observation, Part 4: The Downright Elderly

April 16, 2011

Kevin O’Connor
** [What have you seen from Gordon in the last month?] I hope I get booed again the next draft like I did in the last one.
** [Will you be picking up CJ’s option?] No comment.
** [Andrei’s future with the team?] I don’t think there’s a decision. I think we want Andrei back…We said it to him, we said it to his agent, that we would like to have Andrei back. [How would you summarize his max contract years?] I think you would say that at times he played spectacularly; at times the amount of games that he missed is certainly something that none of us foresaw. But overall, look, we’re the ones that gave him a contract. Everyone looks at the contract and looks at the production and I don’t think that’s fair to him. That’s on us a little bit. I’m comfortable that we would like to have him back and play ’cause I think he helps us win games.
** The Jazz are basing Memo’s recovery timetable on Elton Brand. / “I’m hoping he comes back and he can be able to give us a contribution because we miss him. We miss that stretch guy that can make a shot and we miss the fact that he’s done a pretty good job defending a lot of big guys.”
** “We’re not satisfied with what we did and where we’re at. Does that mean changes in personnel? It could, but more importantly, how do we get better from within first, and then how do we add from without.”
** On Millsap: We’re not looking to trade Paul. He embodies everything that we are, a guy that overachieves and had success when no one thought he would…We think he’s getting better.
** [Devin and Al as leaders] I teased Devin and Al, and I said “Myself and Coach Corbin and you and Al, we’re the four guys going to get blamed for next year. So tie your hat on.”
** On Fes: I think his progress was slower than we wanted it to be, but I think there was progress. Again, you can’t teach height…It’s a matter of Fes deciding what shape he can come in and where he wants to be. [So are you considering bringing him back?] Yes, absolutely.

We interrupt this post to bring you an awesome story from Jazzy Girl:

Side note for those of you who hate/don’t love/are unsure of KOC:
The “foul” (that was not really a foul, I believe called on Jeremy), the one that excited Ty to the point of a technical, also caused some action in the stands as well. The whole stadium was angry and on their feet. From my seat I see a man in a suit running down the stairs, waving his fists at the refs and screaming. It was so awesome, it actually made me giggle. The man in the suit stopped just short of Greg (the human Ewok) Miller’s seat; when he turned around to walk back up the stairs, I realized the crazed fan was none other than KOC! His stock went way up in my book!

Ty Corbin
** [Who’s your core right now?] Well, that’s still to be determined. We have some great guys. Al Jefferson is a key guy. You got young guys in Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans and Derrick Favors who are top picks. We’re trying to find out who we are.
** You can tweak it some, but you are who you are. We’re going to be a hard-nosed, tough, working team. That philosophy will change some on defense and offense, but we want to be a class group that’s going to compete hard every night we step on the floor, and I think if we start with that basis, everything else will fall into place. Xs and Os will change some; we’ll change some of the offense and defense…Those adjustments will be made based on the personnel, but the philosophy, the basic stuff, will always be the same.
** [What will you do to make sure Favors is hooked up with someone to work with him during the summer/lockout?] Well, we’ll talk to him and they have to do that on their own. We can’t do anything with them after July 1st. We want to make sure they understand June 30th may be the last time you can hear from us until January or whenever the lockout’s over…so you can’t wait and think you have enough time to work yourself into shape. You gotta be ready to go from Day 1, so we’ll try and encourage each one of these guys to make sure they’re working to get better to be ready when it’s over.

P.S. Side trip to the Nets’ locker room cleanout:

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  1. shandonfan permalink
    April 21, 2011 2:45 pm

    That quote about Millsap is EXACTLY how I feel about him. I understand the argument for trading him or at least shopping him around, but that guy IS Jazz basketball as much as anyone since John and Karl, IMO. Toughness, hard work, consistency, always working to get better, exceeding expectations (for the most part), soft spoken, unassuming…ugh, I’m gonna be so depressed if we trade him.


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