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Dress for Success for Less…or every budget!

April 1, 2011

You don’t need to be rich or break the bank to dress for success. By “for success,” I mean like a Jazz executive. By “like a Jazz executive,” I mean like Kevin O’Connor:

Keeping in mind that Jazz fans come from all levels of society, I will present to you three different options for three different budgets in today’s post. Yes, because I’m just totally considerate like that.

Option 1: For those on a tight budget, poor students, starving artists, D-League players, etc.

Amazing, right? You can dress like KOC for just 50 bucks!

Option 2: For those with somewhat more spending flexibility, unostentatious rich folks, grown people living off their parents, etc.

Option 2, I believe, is closest to what KOC is actually wearing.

Option 3: For those among us who sneer at Andrei Kirilenko’s paltry salary, Saudi Arabian princes, corrupt heads of state, etc.

And there you have it, Jazz fans. Dressing for success for every budget!

**All prices listed above are real and were found online. Feel free to contact me for sites and links. Bahahahaha.

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  1. Jazzy Girl permalink
    April 1, 2011 10:06 pm



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