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Game 74 vs. DAL: The fat lady is singing

March 27, 2011

We’ve had games this season where the final score looked a lot closer than the game actually was. This one’s final score looked a lot more blowout-y than the game actually was. Also, our defense was actually good for most of the game for the first time in I don’t know how long.

Still, a loss is a loss is a deflating loss is a maddening loss.

** We were missing two starters and Earl was in foul trouble all night, but Ty still only went 8-deep (I know, UDQM / unintentional dirty quote machine).

(It’s total coincidence that Jeremy’s arrow comes from “didn’t” and Fes’ arrow comes from “couldn’t.”) Is this short rotation cause for concern? Ty’s rotations really confuse me.

On a related noted: In the post-game, Ty attributed the Jazz loss to youth and the team being young, but said that he had to play the young guys to buy some time for the vets.

First, Raja and Al played 39 minutes. Sap 37. CJ 35. I’m pretty sure Earl’s minutes would have been in that range as well had he not been in foul trouble.

Second, the Jazz had a 2-point lead with 6:20 left in the game. After a timeout, Raja, Earl, and Al remained on the floor while Sap was subbed in for Favors. (CJ came in for Hayward with 5 minutes left and Ronnie came in for Earl with 3:48 left.) At the 6:00 mark is when the Mavs went on a 13-0 run. Point is, it was the vets who were on the floor when the game was lost.

** I really like what I see from Favors. He wasn’t just playing well tonight; he was making an impact. Karl Malone for his coach, Karl Malone for his coach, Karl Malone for his coach…

** Some apparently did not like Big Al’s show of emotion and subsequent ejection, but I did. I was cheering for him (as was the entire arena) as he walked off the court.

** Was this an omen that it wasn’t going to be our night?

** FTAs tonight: Dallas 32, Utah 17. The Jazz are averaging 2 fewer FTAs than the opponent at home this season. The opponent has taken more FTs than the Jazz 21 out of 37 home games so far, and taken at least 10 more FTs 12 times. Not commentating. Just stating facts.

(For those that are curious about the pre-Sloan/post-Sloan numbers: Since Jerry’s resignation, our FTAs have gone down by .75 FT/game, while the opponent’s has gone up by .5 FT/game.)

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night
** Boler on Barea: He’s been smiling all night. It’s been a one-man press.
** Boler on Nowitzki: Big Al bumped him. That’s going to be Big Al’s first.
** Boler: He strokes his–the free throw.
** Boler: Oh Millsap. So quick, so nimble. [no pause] Intellibed mattresses are the only…
** Booner: CJ gets the legs of Jason Terry here. See how he comes to life? He’s always ready.

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