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Off-Day Odds and Ends, Part 2

March 3, 2011

One. A one-second clip of Deron dancing (and Kyle enjoying the show) at a Bobbye and Jerry Sloan Hand-in-Hand Foundation event in 2008:

Two. Jeff Hornacek discusses the difference between being a shooting coach and an assistant coach:

What I was doing before was just coming in and trying to analyze the guys for their shooting…it was a lot easier. You just came in and worked on their stuff and put them through drills. [Now] I was in the office yesterday for five hours looking at Minnesota tape. Because of the road trip, we have to do them ahead of time. It’s a lot more looking at tape than I’ve ever had to do before. (KZNS)

This right here–and I think it was David Locke that also pointed this out–is why we’ll probably never see Karl named as an assistant coach. I doubt he’d be down with sitting around for hours on end watching film and scouting opponents when he could be fishing, hunting, or tellin’ it like it is.

Just coming in and running guys through drills though–that sounds totally feasible.

Three. For some reason, the sight of KOC in an Adidas track suit tickles my funny bone:

Four. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines:

Memo: I don’t want to get too excited. When I get too excited, things didn’t go well for me. I think I been overdoing it because I get excited last couple times, so this time I’m gonna take my time. (KFAN)

Ty Corbin (on sideline coaching): I have no pre-set way of going at it. Just have the game dictate you need to be up or down. I would love to be able to sit over there and just watch guys execute…Our back is against the wall and everybody’s a little on edge trying to make something happen and we all in this together and I’m with them full speed. (KFAN)

Five. When AK was asked about his reaction to the Carmelo Anthony trade, he responded, “Well, I’m a little bit sad because the Russian kid get involved in it, [but] other than that I don’t really care.” (Jazz video)

By many accounts, Denver pushed hard for Timofey Mozgov to be included in the trade package. In a post-trade interview, Mozgov said, “Right after the trade Andrei Kirilenko called and said that I shouldn’t be upset. He said, Denver is not as bad as I possibly could be thinking. The air is clean there, scenery is great and the fans are awesome. And it’s located really well, almost in the very center of the country.”

Even so, Mozgov is unhappy about the trade (“What’s good about it? I barely started to feel my game, got used to the city, the coach, and now I have to start everything from scratch”). While getting to see AK more due to Denver and Utah being in the same division is a plus, his attitude towards Denver sounds a lot like how the average NBA player sees Utah: “In New York it was easy to meet Russians on the street. I’m afraid that in Denver they are impossible to find. And speaking your language is sometimes necessary.” (Rush’n Hoops)

The Jazz’s next game is tomorrow vs. the Nuggets in SLC. The Russian matchup is nowhere as big of a deal, however, as the Return of the Koof. Boom Bitches!

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