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Game 61 vs. BOS: Not the right note, but a good note

March 1, 2011

We tried, and played with heart.

I can’t fault the effort, so this wasn’t a depressing gut-punch loss. Going forward, we just need to develop chemistry (not necessarily locker room chemistry but in the sense of the guys getting used to playing alongside each other), and as AK would say, be a little more “focused” and “concentrated” down the stretch to eliminate missed assignments and silly mistakes. At the very least,we are now moving forward instead of taking steps back.

Big Al was huge tonight. I absolutely loved what I saw from him both offensively and how he just ignored KG’s idiocy and did his thing. Now, if only he would learn to box out…If the Jazz won’t hire Karl Malone to coach him/our bigs, Big Al should buy himself a plane ticket to Louisiana and just show up on the Mailman’s doorstep. If the Jazz won’t let Mailman come to Big Al, Big Al must come to Mailman.

AK had another strong game, and I just about punched the wall in excitement over the way Devin Harris sped to and attacked the rim. On a semi-related note, I am developing a major crush on Derrick “Sexual” Favors. Potential is a dangerous word, but there is so much of it there with him.

Random Stuff, etc.
** Booner, Alema, Thurl, Matty, and Boler take to the catwalk. Thanks to The Utah Jazz Blog for uploading this:

(Matty’s “dancing” cracked me up, because I have a friend that dances exactly like that.) Results:

** [Ready for a long career here?] Favors, post-game: Hopefully. Hope so. I love being here already.
** Al, post-game: This is the first time I’m actually feeling like my old self since the injury.
** Where the heck did all the Celtics fans at the ESA come from? Where is this hole that is big enough to contain them? It was ridiculous; for most of the game, the cheers for the Celtics were as loud as the ones for the Jazz and it was impossible to tell from listening to the crowd whether a shot or FT went in or not.
** Funny that when Ty Corbin first took over and Raja/AK/Ronnie P were injured, he talked about needing more than 9 guys to win games. He had 12 [active] guys available to him tonight, but still only played 9. Jeremy was inactive again, and Franny, Fes, and Ronnie P didn’t get into the game.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night
** Matty: The length of the Celtics really bothers the Jazz.
** Boler: The Jazz are bangin’.
** Boler: Andrei misses the front end.
** Boler: Raja is just a little late on the release.

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