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The Boys are Back in Town, Part 1

February 9, 2011
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…and they’re the talk of the town.

Boozer’s Return to Utah:
Q: Will you be able to tell the difference between “Booz” and boos?
Boozer: No, it’s all “Booz” to me.

Q: Did you feel like Carlos was treated unfairly at times?
Kyle: Nobody loves everybody. That’s just the way it is.

Q: Did you feel like [Boozer] was unfairly treated at times [in Salt Lake City]?
Millsap: Not my job to dictate that…I don’t really get involved in other people’s situations.
Q: Did you feel like he was able to answer the bell, time and time again?
Millsap: I felt like he–he–he uh…did the best he could, under the circumstances.

Q: What was Boozer like as a teammate?
Deron: Great guy in the locker room, great guy to be around. Great teammate. … I don’t think I would’ve been the player I was without him my first couple of years, and probably vice versa. We definitely had a chemistry on the court and fed off each other, and I had fun playing with him.
Q: What was your favorite moment with Booz?
Deron: Uh…[pause] Hearing him yell every day.
Q: Which was your favorite yell? [the guy is cracking up as he’s asking]
Q: What about “and-1”?
Deron: “And-1” was good, but “Yes Sir” was classic.
Q: He’d scream Willy [when he wanted the ball]…
Q: Was he ever not open?
Deron: Nah, probably not. He likes the ball.

Q: [asked about Boozer]
AK: He’s a great player. What I can say? He’s a great guy, he always been a good teammate. He played well on the floor, always when he played he give 100%. He tried hard, and everybody remember “Yes Sir,” “And-1!”…I don’t have any bad word to say about him, he’s a good guy.
Q: Can you do one of his yells?
AK: DWill can do it like exactly the same.
Q: Can you?
AK: Nah, I’m not really that good.

[ME: How come I have never heard/heard of “Yes Sir!”????]

Kyle and his effect on the ladies:
Q: Kyle Korver, from the female population, probably will get a lot of cheers.
Boozer: Oh, all cheers. Kyle gets that everywhere we go.

Q: Especially from the females in the audience, you’ll probably get a lot of cheers, and you know it, don’t deny it.
Kyle: I don’t know, I hope so. I mean, you don’t want to get booed.
Q: Andrei Kirilenko said there’s still a lot of Kyle Korver pink jerseys that are gonna be for sale…you expecting to see a lot of those in the crowd?
Kyle: How come you keep asking me questions about girls? Every question you’ve asked me about has been about girls!
Q: Andrei’s hoping to get a boost in sales from the Korver-related jerseys he sells. Are you aware of those?
Kyle: They got MORE? I’m still waiting for my cut. That’s all I have to say about that.

Q: Korver’s going to get cheers, especially by the females.
AK: Of course, he’s cute. [laughs]

Q: What kind of reception will Kyle get?
Deron: He’s going to get the loudest cheers of the night. We anticipate that.

Thoughts on Jerry:
Q: Carlos, what did you like about playing for Jerry?
Boozer: Everything. He’s one of them real dudes. So many people out there are fake and they say one thing to your face and say something else behind your back. Jerry wasn’t that way. Jerry tell you like it is right in front of your face, say the same thing to somebody else behind your back. Great coach, great friend. Was one of them type of guys you could relate to because he’s a regular guy. Even though he’s in the Hall of Fame, you wouldn’t know it if you met him on the street. Great legacy. Every game he coaches is like a record night. But he doesn’t want any of the accolades; he just wants his team to be successful. He doesn’t want any notoriety, he doesn’t want to be in front of the cameras; you guys know that. He’d just rather coach his team.

Q: How much did Jerry play a factor in you absolutely wanting to stay here?
Ronnie B: I respect him with the utmost, basically because he could’ve gave up on me after my rookie year…he stuck with me, let me continue to improve, continue to work hard, and really taught me the true meaning of being a professional player. I got to start, I got to develop as a basketball player on the court and off the court. I built a good relationship with him and it was an honor to play for him.
(KFAN audio)

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