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Game 46 vs. SAS: Signs of Life?

January 27, 2011

Moral victory! Unfortunately, I don’t believe in moral victories. Which is weird, because I totally believe in wins that are actually losses.

On the plus side, the Jazz looked alive tonight, rather than like the walking undead (or is it the walking dead?). I don’t know if I speak for all Jazz fans, but for me, it’s not that we’ve been losing; it’s the way we’ve been losing. On the minus side, the losing streak is now at 6.

Our Jazzmen don’t believe in moral victories either:
** CJ: [This loss] hurts more than being down 40.
** Deron: [Were you encouraged by the fight in the team?] We just lost our sixth game straight.
** Earl: We’re not really into moral victories…losing hurts.

AK was back in the starting lineup*, and we started out strong. It was a treat to have non-emo Deron in the arena tonight, and Big Al had a great first half and the his dunk of the year [exciting to see, and he’s actually been dunking more willingly ever since he said he doesn’t like to dunk]. Unfortunately, the Jazz gave up a 17-0 Spurs run to start the second, and just couldn’t claw their way all the way back.

*Phil Johnson said in the post-game that the lineup changes in the last two games were made with defense in mind, and 1) They didn’t want to start Gordon Hayward on Ron Artest in the last game; 2) They felt AK would do a better job on Richard Jefferson tonight.

Jeremy Evans came in and did what he does best–jump. While Spurs fans were confused (second-to-last section) as to his identity, one person on Twitter identified him thusly:

In short, Jeremy Evans’s ability to jump over buildings may keep Jazz fans from jumping off buildings.

Raja had a tough (and by “tough,” I mean “TOUGH”) night, and AK had a medley of good and bad moments. Millsap, meanwhile, didn’t see court time in the fourth quarter for the third or fourth time this season. He (like many Jazzmen) was in foul trouble for much of the night, but he was only carrying four fouls going into the final period. I find it somewhat curious that Jerry won’t even try swapping him out of the starting lineup*, but will bench him for entire fourth quarters. Finally, Earl Watson has been the real bright spot of this losing streak. He doesn’t need to score to make an impact, and I truly believe that we would be a .500 team without him. Gold star for KOC on this front.

*Statistically speaking, a lineup change to the PF or C position makes much more sense than a change to the SF position. This is explained real well here.

Hearing the Spurs players’ post-game interviews stung. I want to be the one with the team of guys figuratively sitting on their winners’ thrones after games, magnanimously and graciously throwing credit bones like “They played hard” to the losing team after games. Also, Manu is freaking awesome. Ugh.

Last thing: Negative brownie points to the guy that does post-game shows on KFAN that’s not Nissalke. Towards the end of the show, that guy called Manu “the ultimate Euro.” Nissalke pointed out that Manu was actually from Argentina, and that guy was like, “If they’re outside the United States, they’re Euros.” Way to have international perspective, dude.

Last last thing: Where “The Bachelor” and the NBA collide. Not our drama!

Unintentional Flirtage Machines of the Night
** Matty to Boler: Boy, you smell good.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. RRR permalink
    January 28, 2011 5:55 am

    ““If they’re outside the United States, they’re Euros.”

    • RRR permalink
      January 28, 2011 6:01 am

      I love demonstrable ignorance, don’t you?

      Better game last night, they at least put on the appearance of trying.

      memo looked dead though.

      • January 28, 2011 9:57 am

        Phil also said in the post-game that he thinks it’s going to take until next season for Memo to be pre-Achilles Memo again.


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