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Game 43 at BOS: Free fall into hoops hell

January 22, 2011

He’s not dejected. He just wants to show us that his bald spot is gone.

I stand by what I said after the last game. We have one more demoralizing loss to add to the season and tonight we actually started looking like an underequipped, talentless team of scrubby players, but I still say the guys need to figure things out for themselves, rather than having the coaches bail them out.

If they really have the desire to win, do what it takes. The players can take matters into their own hands. Check your egos at the door. Quit it with the “I prefer to start.” Regard yourself as part of a team, rather than identifying yourself as a starter. If guys don’t know the plays, stay late at practice and scrimmage (when time and home stretches permit). Hold player meetings if necessary. Jazz vets, teach the new guys. Go through plays ad nauseum. Take film home. Take an/many honest look(s) in the mirror. Accept criticism. Talk more, instead of saying “I don’t know what good it’ll do.” Help and ask for help.

Imagine that. Dougie defense failed to stop Ray-Ray.

Ron Boone tweeted this during the first quarter, but it really sums up the entire game quite nicely:

Add that to the 21 TOs and 28 fouls against 19 assists and 28 FGs, and you’ve got your game recap.

** Raja, post-game wisdom: The best way to lead is to go out there and try to lead by example. I think we all should try to be leaders, and we should all go out there and do the right thing, play after play after play. If that means that you have to screen, then you screen, and you screen to the best of your ability. If it means that you’re supposed to pass the ball, you pass the ball, and you do it without reluctancy. If it means that you’re supposed to shoot, then you shoot. But if you’re going to go out there and not lead by example, then you can say whatever you want, but people won’t follow you. (KFAN audio)

(Raja also said that lineups weren’t necessarily the problem; that the problem was that no one was doing the little things needed to win. My eyes nearly rolled out of my head when whoever was hosting the KFAN post-game show declared that Raja was against changing the lineup because he would probably be the first one headed to the bench. Give me a break. #AnalysisFail)

These are dark days indeed, but at least we still have Fes to make us laugh:

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  1. diana permalink
    January 22, 2011 11:57 pm

    Spot on my friend! this team needs to grow up! I really thought we got rid of the rotten egg but apparently we haven’t yet.
    I cannot stand the way this team is playing, in fact I didn’t watch the Boston game. I couldn’t muster the energy to get out of my bed to go to the couch, so glad I decided to stay in bed.
    I can’t stand Paul this season, he is such a prick. I am so sick of him saying he’s a starter. why is no one calling him out on it? when boozer said such things he was the teammate from hell according to all of the fans.
    Grow Up Jazz or soon you’ll be out of the playoffs and Deron will be gone!


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