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Quotey Odds and Ends

January 17, 2011

One. [When you’re going through losing streaks, what do you tell your guys?] Jerry Sloan: Who are we? Who are we gonna be? We gonna be a team if you’re getting beat, just accept it? It’s about as nasty a feeling as you can have, as far as basketball is concerned. If you acquire a taste for losing, I think you enjoy it, end up trying to say it’s OK to lose. [It’s never been] one of those things that I could ever enjoy doing; I still can’t do it at my age now. I think it’s one of the worst feelings in your mouth to lose. (KFAN audio)

Two. Paul Millsap: [Do you play with a chip on your shoulder, and do you still feel like you have to prove people wrong?] I don’t feel like that anymore. Now [I’m] just out there trying to win, playing my game. My first few years, I tried to prove everybody wrong. I tried to show everybody I was able to play at this level, but now, I’m calm, I’m more stable, so I feel another level of confidence that I can just get out there and just play my game. (KSL)

Three. Jazz guard C.J. Miles said that only Raja Bell rivals AK as being the “glue” that connects Utah’s team. (sltrib)

Four. Jeff Hornacek, on playing time and specifically in regards to more minutes at the 4 going to AK lately: The one big thing is the players have to accept the fact that they have a deep team and there’s a lot of guys that can play, and they can’t concern themselves with, ‘Hey, I need to play my 35, 36 minutes’ or ‘I need to be in there in the fourth quarter.’ They gotta put all that ego aside and be a team, and say, ‘If Memo’s rolling, he’s gonna stay in there and I might be sitting on the bench tonight, but tomorrow night it might be me.’ And when you have that attitude, that’s the chemistry that people talk about. I believe our guys are like that. (Locked on Jazz podcast)

Five. Fan to Fes: Dude, come down to Orem and party with us.

Fes: Party in Orem. [pause; stares incredulously at fan] Let’s go swim in ocean in Nevada. (Facebook; don’t know if this is publicly viewable)

(Let me just say, I don’t know the first thing about Orem and what it has, or, more to the point(?) what it lacks, but Fes just makes me laugh.)

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