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Off-Day Odds and Ends

January 3, 2011

One. My new theory:

Two. Week-old LOL moment:

Fesenko appreciated all Happy Birthday wishes that were relayed by fans. Though he didn’t get asked-for birthday texts from teammates, rookies Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans serenated him with the B-day song at practice Friday. Fes was grateful for that, even if it was the worst singing he said he’s ever heard. C.J. Miles contends that Gordan Giricek was a worse singer. (desnews)

Three. Gordon Hayward talking to beat writers post-game while Jeremy Evans packs up his princess backpack next to him:

Four. Per KFAN, AK is leading the team in deflections this season. I’ve seen some people saying that he’s playing like he wants to get traded, but not only is AK leading the team in deflections (which you do not collect from just standing around), he is 2nd in assists, 2nd in steals, 2nd in blocks, and 3rd in rebounds. I think perception of what AK does on the court gets skewed by his cringy shot selection, but in actuality he doesn’t take that many shots (5th in FGA on team).

Five. Now this is what you call “threading the needle”:

And the pass in action:

Six. After playing at Orlando on December 10th, Deron’s post-game comments went like this:
–“We can’t keep starting ballgames like that.”
–“We don’t come out executing.”
–“It’s just a mindset that we need to have.”
–“Part of it’s getting in late and being in a back-to-back.”
–“We just got to have that energy in the first half.”
–“We have to be the aggressor, and we’re not, to start the ballgame.”

Deron, after the loss at Portland:
We can’t keep getting down early. We’re going to burn out. It’s hard to come back every night. It takes a toll on your body. It takes a toll on you mentally. I don’t know what it is, but we have to do something else. (sltrib)

Seems like nothing’s changed in the past month. Aren’t these things–coming out with energy/executing/setting the tone–Deron’s responsibility? He’s not just the point guard; this team is indisputedly (indisputably? undisputedly?) his team. I don’t know how many point guards in the league can say that–being both the leader on the court and of the team. (Some might say Chris Paul, but forgive me if I don’t consider someone who the entire world knows is whining about wanting to get traded as a leader). We’ve seen how Deron can turn it on when he wants to, time and time and blessed time again. Which begs the question, why doesn’t and why won’t he do that to start games?

One more thing about Deron which is not necessarily but could be related to the above: Deron is currently averaging 4.6 3PA per game. This is not a good thing, because he is only hitting 36.9% of them, or 1% higher than AK. (That puts it into perspective, doesn’t it? Ha.) This is the highest 3PA for any Jazz player in a decade.

#RandomNumbersTime: I didn’t go back past 2000-2001, but Deron’s 4.6 has a pretty good chance of being the highest 3PA in the Sloan era. CJ is currently shooting 4.3 3s per game (and only hitting 32%), which is the second highest average 3PA in a decade. In the past ten years, only Memo has averaged more than 4.0 3PA at any time (4.1 in ’07-’08 and 4.2 in ’06-’07). Horny never averaged more than 2.7 as a Jazzman; Korver 3.4; Bryon Russell 3.4.

Seven. Finally, consider this my official complaint about newspaper websites that split articles into 2-3 different pages. As if that’s not bad enough, there are those that put a “next” button on the bottom of the page and put NO content on the next page. You’re wasting my time!!!

Yeah, Salt Lake Tribune. I’m lookin’ at you.

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