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Year-End Note / Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011

I was going to close out/ring in the new year with this year’s version of “Giving the People What They Want aka 2010 in Search Terms” (here’s last year’s), but seeing as how 8 of the 10 items are the same*, I’ll skip it.

*For those that are curious, the two search terms that dropped out of the Top 10 were “Rob Pelinka” and “just kill me now/kill me now games,” which were replaced by “Rajon Rondo Louis Vuitton” and “F.S.” I’m not going to write out what “F.S.” stands for because I don’t want to start getting hits for it again.

Remember that wretched game at Golden State? (Which one, you ask? In this instance, I am specifically referring to Game #5 of this season.) It was a horrid loss, and I originally titled the recap, “Fnll Snck Mode” (replace the “n’s” with “u’s”). Maybe two weeks after that, an increasing number of people started getting directed here with searches for the first two of those three words. I’ve since changed the first word to “Total.” So, OK, yeah: I was an unintentional dirty quote machine.


Thank you to those of you that come for the articles, and thank you to those that come for the pictures :)

I really do appreciate hearing your thoughts and reading your comments and suggestions, Happy New Year, and most importantly of all, GO JAZZ!

Note: Part of that is actually Andrei’s hair. It’s not all fireworks, people.

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