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Game 33 @POR: No-Confidence Vote

December 31, 2010

I don’t want to end my recapping in 2010 on a negative note*, so I’m just going to go with one positive thing and then wrap this up with some of my usual randomness.

*This may or may not be a lie. It’s possible I’m in a pissy mood and feel like putting as much effort into this recap as the Jazz did against the Blazers.

Here we go with the positive: Fes was great. He did miss some FTs, but without him (especially in the second quarter, and with AK (strained back), Memo (back problems), CJ (flu), and Fran (toenail distress, which I was actually somewhat relieved to hear about because it was a preferable alternative to Jerry suddenly deciding to stop playing him)), this would have have ended as an even-more-deflating blowout.

Random Notes, etc.
** Seemingly random sighting:

…especially because I did not know who Sean Marks was before this game. It’s Wikipedia to the rescue: Marks and Fran played together at Cal in ’97-’98. Marks, who captained that team, was the first New Zealander to play in the NBA, while Elson was the seventh Dutchman to play in the NBA. There’s your semi-Jazz trivia for the day.

** Who was Jerry getting his flirt on with?

Perhaps it was…

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night
** Boler: “I want bumps with Coach Sloan.” (Thanks to BBJ)

** New Year’s resolution for Jerry, to be carried out before New Year’s Day: Burn all purple ties.

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