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Game 28 @MIL: DOE + John Deer(e) hat > Bucks

December 19, 2010

*John Deere hat bit in this context stolen from davidthecomposer’s SLC Dunk game thread comment.

Several to choose from, but this (above) gets my vote for play of the night.

This recap was honestly a quarter away from being just this (below) image, and this image alone:

The first quarter was as appalling and disgusting a display of basketball as I’ve seen (since last night).

Instead of working to get good shots, the Jazz were content to jack up selfish, contested, turnaround, fadeaway jump shots on every single possession, seconds into the shot clock while the other four guys just stood around. Jerry was more active and moving his feet more on the sidelines directing traffic than the starters were on the court. They started off 2-11 from the floor, and the Bucks had a double-digit lead in no time.

It was the worst shot selection in the history of mankind, and it made me question whether Deron (who was as guilty of jackshotting around as anyone) should be allowed to call his own plays.

Memo checked in with 2 minutes to go in the first quarter…

…but only after he was done smoothing down his hair.

With two seconds left in the quarter, Memo hit what would be his only shot of the game, but it was also his first three since The Return. Cue Boler: “Bang! Money!”

Following a few minutes of second unit (is SWARM gone for good?), the Jazz starters – Raja + CJ scramble their way back into the game and cut the deficit to 3 at halftime behind a CJ scoring punch and AK actually getting some calls and FTs.

3rd Quarter: The Jazz got the lead early on, extended it to around 10, and then lost it all again.

4th Quarter: Pretty, pretty basketball including the aforementioned play of the game: Elson hustles for a loose ball, gets it, and throws it to AK for the dunk. Love AK, love Francisco, love that AK dunked, loved the grins on their faces, and loved what they had to say about it afterwards:

AK: “Ask him about his spaghetti legs. He started like falling down. I was like, ‘Oh, my man, I have to help him.'”
Elson: “I saw Andrei running. He wanted it so bad because he said he could windmill it. But he did a garbage dunk. … I was just glad Andrei was there or else I would’ve just taken off from the 3-point line.” (desnews)

I seem to have expended all my energy hating the Jazz during the first quarter. So, good win, and that’s all for now.

Random Notes, etc.:
** Definitely the best (and most plentiful) Eastern Conference crowd I’ve seen all season. You can tell they love their team, and they have the ability to get sustained, in-unison chants going–which is harder than it sounds. Just ask the ESA fans that (try to) chant “MVP” when Deron is at the line.
** Tweet of the Night:

** Both CJ and Deron said post-game that Elson is a vet that knows and understands the game. Deron also said that Fran is the Jazz’s best big at pick-and-roll defense.
** In the last installment of Locke’s weekly conversation with Raja, Raja talked about how he’d told Gordon that based on his own experiences as a rookie, you find that when you hit rock bottom, there really is nowhere to go but up. Coincidentally, Deron said something along the same lines after tonight’s game: “I wasn’t too worried about the game last night just because I don’t see us playing any worse than that. I didn’t think there was any way.” Well…there actually was a way if you look at the first quarter tonight, but I’ll let that slide.
** Jeremy was active (though he didn’t get in the game) and Hayward was inactive tonight. The team/coaching staff’s decision to alternate them on the inactive list gets my stamp of approval.
** We have not yet won 2 in a row (and are playing .500 ball) in December. Does anyone else find this worrying?

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night
** Boler: Deron rocks the ball between his legs…
** Matty on Bogut: He’s special, he can go both ways.
** Matty: Look at Francisco, doing the dirty work inside!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Erich permalink
    December 19, 2010 7:59 pm

    Maybe the Jazz are just really excited for Christmas. Alternating between red and green.

  2. RRR permalink
    December 20, 2010 3:54 pm

    I pulled an honorable tonight, well last night. As the game started, I went grocery shopping. Yup, taht is correct, left the house, no gadgets to keep me informed and went black so to speak.

    Arrived home during 3rd, watched some pretty good basket ball.

    Might do the same tomorrow or today depending on your time zone. :)


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