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Game 8 @ORL: Ninja, the redemption of Big Al and 47gasms

November 11, 2010

For the second time in as many nights, I’m splitting the recap into two parts. It’s perfectly fitting for our beloved bipolar girlfriend team.

First Half:
There was no slow start…for the first 7 minutes. The starting unit was hustling, diving for loose balls, and going inside, but by the end of the quarter, they were back to their usual mess of jump shots and rebounding allergies. It was therefore no surprise that we were down one at the end of one even though the Magic had 9 TOs in the quarter.

Dear Utah Jazz: Jump shots are the lazy coward’s way out.

Second Half:
Our boys went on an 11-0 run to close the third, and went into the final period down 9. The 11-0 run blossomed into a 24-2 run in the fourth quarter, and the Jazz finally got the lead with 7:43 left on an incredible off-the-glass 3 by AK.

On the next Jazz possession, AK got the offensive rebound on a CJ miss and laid it in. From then on, it was the Jazz’s game to lose.

Deron and Big Al scored 22 of the Jazz’s final 24 points, and the Jazz rolled to a 10-point win. And in case you’re wondering, no. Paul aka Miss Bettye’s son did not attempt any 3s.

My first choice for tonight would have been a Jazz blowout. Second would have been a super close game that comes down to a FT shootout between Dwight and Fes. I guess this falls somewhere in between.

** Fes in the post-game on drawing his first charge: “I draw that really important charge…it was really painful by the way. My kidney’s about to fall off.”

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine of the Night:
[Through three quarters, I had to watch the ESPN broadcast with Hubie Brown and Mike Tirico. Not exactly a recipe for fun or unintentional dirty quotes.]
** Matt Harpring on Dwight Howard: He’s got a big body, he’s pushing off the back of Fesenko.

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