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3 wins or 19 wins away?

November 6, 2010

I’ve been confused about something lately…I keep hearing Jazz personnel saying that Jerry is three wins away from tying Pat Riley for third winningest NBA coach of all-time. I wanted to throw up a countdown in the “Random Jazz Stat Box” over there to your right, so I went to to make sure I got the number right. This left me quite confused, as b-r (whose stats are current) shows that Jerry is 19, not 3, wins away from passing Riley.

A CG they showed on the Jazz broadcast today cleared things up–the Jazz have Riley’s career wins at 1,195, and b-r has the number at 1,210.

Since the win discrepancy is 15, it seems to me that the Jazz’s stat people failed to update their numbers for the last year Riley coached, which was the Heat’s 15-67 campaign in 2007-2008. So…is that what happened? Anyone?

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