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Paul Millsap is a PIMP

November 5, 2010
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My LOL moment yesterday: Paul Millsap’s signature says “PIMP.”

Leftovers from yesterday
Two of the three best plays from yesterday’s game (the third being CJ’s buzzer-beating three at the end of the third). Patience for load-time may be required. Also, would have loved for better quality and angles on these, but I was working with the Raptors broadcast and they obviously didn’t show multiple-angle, slow-motion replays on these.

1) Jody Genessy gave this play mention as “the best passing sequence” of the night: Deron with the 3/4-court pass, AK with the tip to Ronnie P, and Ronnie P with the dunk.


While it may look like it’s just pretty, incidental basketball (at least to me), Genessy says that it’s a play that the Jazz actually practice.

2) Ronnie P’s breakaway dunk that was a mirror for his famous dunk on Boozer, except Boozer wasn’t there:

Speaking of Ronnie P, loved this quote from him at practice today (re sporadic playing time): “You can’t get mad over things you can’t control. I’m just excited to be a part of the organization, excited to be on the team. If there’s any way possible that I can help this team win games, that’s what I’m here for. Coach Sloan makes the decisions…on who needs to be in the game at the right times, we accept those decisions, and we have to be professionals about it. That’s one thing I pride myself on, and will continue to be is a professional and handle myself the right way on and off the floor.”

He’s also started channeling Jerry: “We can’t get into a long-range shooting competition with [the Warriors] and start shooting long shots, because long shots turn into long rebounds, long rebounds turn into transition and fast break points.” (both KFAN)

You absolutely can’t get more Jerry than that.

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