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Game 4 vs. TOR: WHAT UP DOE!

November 4, 2010

This one featured 8 European and 10 foreign players…meaning it could easily have been billed as the Battle of Bad Haircuts.

There were some familiar faces:
** I remember Linas Kleiza not because he scored 40+ on us a few years back, but because in that same game he kicked Korver while he was on the ground.
** I remember Reggie Evans for getting a technical for slapping [his former teammate] Korver on the ass when the Jazz played the 76ers a few years back. Funnily enough, he got in trouble for the same offense against Grant Hill during the preseason. Anyway, onto the game:

When our first possession ended in an AK turnover*, I had a sinking feeling. “Oh no, the bipolar girlfriend team is back.” But it was just for a moment, because Deron and AK were running circles around the Raptors, Al was looking like THE best post player in the league, Millsap was Mr. All Around Basketball Player, and Raja…well, he couldn’t dunk on a breakaway, but he was exactly what we want him to be. The lead was 20+ in the blink of an eye, and near the end of the half the Jazz were shooting nearly 65% while keeping the Raps below 40%.

*Can you imagine what it would be like if AK had an AK clone to play alongside? There’d be ridiculous passes and finishes all night long, and no turnovers. It’d be crazy, chaotic, compelling basketball.

Of course, it all came crashing down in the third as the offense went stagnant and the Raps erased the ENTIRE lead. If CJ hadn’t hit a long three at the buzzer, the Jazz would have gone into the 4th up only 4. But hey…one bad quarter (and it was BAD…like the Raps scored 37 on us bad) for three good quarters? I’ll take it.

What’s up with the empty arena, Salt Lake City?

Random Thoughts:
** AK + Sap combo is just pure wonderfulness.
** CJ called Ronnie P a “fireball” in the post-game. Right on. What Ronnie P’s energy did tonight cannot be understated.
** Neither can the beauty of good, clicky chemistry.
** CJ saved the day. WHAT UP DOE!
** Toronto’s announcers are fantastic. They are great. They’re the most unbiased crew I’ve heard on any team in the league, including our own.
** FTA discrepancy: 42 for them; 25 for us
** AST discrepancy: 30 for us (14 for Deron); 16 for them

Un-Jerry-like Jerry Quote of the Night:
** [CJ’s shots] were heartbreakers for the other team I’m sure and they certainly warmed our hearts when [they] went in.

My Favorite Jerry Quote of the Night:
** [Al Jefferson] is still learning. I told him we got about 25 or 30 more plays; I thought he was going to pass out.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine of the Night:
** Paul Millsap (post-game): We gotta start pushing it down people’s throats; be the initiators.

I wanted to gif up either the Deron-AK-Ronnie P fast break or Ronnie P’s dunk (which looked exactly like the most famous dunk of his career, except Boozer wasn’t standing there getting dunked on), but incredibly did not see fit to include either play in the recap. Hopefully, I’ll have them up tomorrow, but for now, here’s an AK dunk:

AK dunk

I had a bit of trouble determining the exact color of Jerry’s tie, so I went to my fellow SLC Dunkers. @texas, @yuccamanhoops, and @peter_dantes gave me yellow, gold, bronze, and mustard (along with some discussion on whether bronze is in fact a color and whether mustard is a color or a condiment). :) Hence,”yellowy bronze/gold.”



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