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October 22, 2010

Two Al Jefferson quotes from practice today (audio from ESPN 700):

–[If he’s playing tomorrow]: Oh yeah, most definitely I’m playing. I’m not going to let [the bruised knuckle] stop me from playing. Just gotta suck it up man, it’s part of life.

We get paid a lot of money man. We don’t get paid a lot of money to miss time, especially for injuries that you can play through…basketball is my life, the fans don’t want to come see me dressed up in a suit.

Let’s appreciate Al for what he is: Not Boozer.

While we’re on the subject of Al Jefferson, check out 1:10 of the video preview that Locke did for Game 6. “Mississippi hooker”–that was my suggestion for Al’s sort-of hook shot, sort-of jumper move, and it scored a mention. :)

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  1. i_am_pure_barbarian permalink
    October 25, 2010 9:42 pm

    The end of Locke’s clip made me chuckle. “Jefferson keeps the man in between him and the basket at a different level than Boozer.”
    He’s so right. Boozer didn’t keep the man anywhere. He just let them blow by him and score while yelling “Memo, help!”


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