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Preseason Game 5 of 7 @LAC

October 17, 2010

Clippers fans come out in force to support their guys

This was a Jazz reunion of sorts, as Marc Iavaroni and Howard Eisley are now on the Clippers coaching staff, and Jarron Collins is playing for the Clippers.

Didn’t like how we were going almost exclusively with jumpers in the first quarter even with Sap and Al Jefferson on the floor.

AK came out with six minutes left, but was subbed back in at the end of the 1st for Big Al. The WeightGainNeeded Lineup started the 2nd: AK at the 5 with Evans, Hayward, CJ, and Ronnie P. It’s a whistle-fest unbenefitting the Jazz, and Gordon seems to still be in the throes of his confidence crisis.

While Ronnie P started off the quarter with a bunch of TOs and fouls, he soon settled in. Evans and OJ were huge sparks off the bench, and CJ played the role of steady scoring vet with the lineup of young guys.

The Clips were shooting 67% from 3 with 3 minutes left in the half. All sorts of other box score anomalies at the half:
–Ronnie P had 6 assists in one quarter of play
–We had a 21-8 FTA advantage, but only a 4-point lead thanks to our 62% shooting at the line
–The two teams combined for 24 TOs, but both teams shot over 54%.

29 total FTAs in the first half, and only 4 in the third quarter.

For the second straight game, Al showed that he is a better passer than anyone knew. Hayward did better in his second stint on the floor, connecting on a long jumper and then scoring on a layup. The second unit was great, and put the game away slowly but surely in the second half. Sap had 6 assists to go along with 12 points and 7 boards. AK filled up the box score as usual. As for Evans, we all know (mostly from hearsay) that he can jump, and I’d say he is leapfrogging his way to the top of the fan favorite list. He tied with Sap for leading rebounder, and like AK tallied 4-5 from the floor, 2 steals, and 1 block.

Here’s my final thought a la Jerry Springer: Should the Jazz throw tradition to the wind and have Jeremy Evans jump ball at the tip?

Today’s Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines:

David Locke: It goes deep in the cup and squirts out.
Ron Boone: Evans gets banged hard and comes up grimacing.

I also loved this exchange:
Locke, talking about Evans: “…6’9″, 195”
Booner: “196! Don’t take that one pound away from him, he needs it!”

The Jazz are now 5-0 in the preseason for the first time in franchise history. What does that mean? Still nothing. It’s just nice to say. ;)

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