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…and we STILL signed him?

October 12, 2010
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A few — just a few — fans noticed during Boozer’s second season with the Cavaliers that he had a selfish tendency to his game. The man wanted rebounds even, it sometimes seemed, at the team’s expense.

Boozer would let his man drift away from the basket and take open 12-footers. Boozer, hoping for a missed shot and a rebound opportunity, would stay by the basket.

Boozer wouldn’t rotate on defense. Cavs center Zydrunas Ilgauskas would have to leave his man to pick up Boozer’s. Z’s man would get the ball and score, fans would yell at Z and Boozer would trot upcourt. (

What the…Carlos was already like this? He was already grabbing rebounds out of his teammates’ hands and refusing to play D…and we still signed him to a fat contract? What the…

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  1. utongkid permalink
    October 13, 2010 12:52 am

    this is maddening/relieving knowing yes he wasted space here and the fresh mintyness we now have with Al. Thanks boozer you rebounding whore!


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