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Secondhand Open Scrimmage Notes

October 3, 2010

There’ll be notes about different players, but this post will be AK-centric because…well, just because :)

Tweets from David Locke and KSL’s Tom Kirkland:

Locke also noted on his blog:

Paul Millsap and Andrei Kirilenko were the best players on the floor. AK played exclusively at the 4 and impacted the game a great deal. Millsap was hustle and grit.

Tweets from UtahJazz360 blogger Diana (whose post on the scrimmage can be found here):

Others Notes:
–I’m SUPER disappointed in the vets for letting the rookies get away with dancing only 10 seconds each during the Rookie Dance-Off. Ryan Thompson won, but the crowd chanted for Fes and he was of course happy to oblige. Fesenko vs. Koufos 2008 will always be the gold standard by which all future dance-offs will be judged. There’s one of Koufos’ two Jazz legacies right there (the other being “Boom Bitches” of course). Weak sauce video:

Note: The “weak sauce” is in reference to the quality of dancing, not the quality of the video.

–AK likes the new unis and said that the old mountain uniforms weighed about 10 lbs. once they got soaked with sweat.

–Big Al said that AK has been helping him on defense in the post and talking him through plays.

–CJ suffered a sprained wrist while trying to block a Millsap shot. It’s not believed to be serious, and CJ is adamant that he didn’t foul Sap. Jerry, meanwhile, says that CJ needs to be working and competing harder.

–Jeremy Evans is just impressing everyone. According to AK, Evans has the entire team jealous of his jumping ability and the ease with which he can get up in the air. Meanwhile, Jerry said that Jeremy might look even more athletic than he is because he’s so light and skinny.

–Big Al says that sometimes his mind goes blank on offense, but that the coaches have been understanding and he’s spending a lot of time watching tape at home.

–It appears that Elson won over a lot of fans with his play during the scrimmage.

–It’s clear that there’s definitely still a lot of things that have to get worked out, and that can only come with more practice time and playing together. That doesn’t dampen my excitement in the least though.

If you’re hungry for more, give this a read.

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  1. hamaca permalink
    October 4, 2010 11:28 am

    Great stuff! Just what the doctor ordered–details on the scrimmage. I’d been looking.

    Hey, when we want to play big, we can have the following:

    PG AK
    SG Memo
    SF Elson
    PF Al
    C Fes

    • October 4, 2010 11:57 am

      I would pay to see that lineup…even just for a couple of minutes. And I’ve been hungry for more AK at the point ever since the 2007 Golden State Playoff game when Deron was in foul trouble, Dee Brown was injured, and before Derek Fisher got there.


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