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Utah Jazz 2010 Media Day Megapost: New Guys Part 2

September 28, 2010

New Guys Part 2

Al Jefferson: He was nervous for his first day of training camp in Boston, but not now because he’s “never been more excited to start a training camp.”

–Put in “seven days of hard work” “working muscles I never knew I had” in Santa Barbara.

–Thought Jazz fans hated him when he came here as a Pesky.

–Made him feel real good when he found out that Deron had put him at the top of his “Go Get Him” list.

(Doesn’t the picture on the left look like it should be the picture on the right?)

Hayward and Evans:
–Locke: Evans has the second-biggest hands he’s ever seen after Shaq.

–Jazz scount Dave Fredman went to Western Kentucky to check out the point guard, but came away impressed by Evans instead.

–[Evans to Locke] “You probably weigh more than me.”

–Hayward: “[Jeremy] drew a picture of Coach Sloan…it’s pretty amazing, now I don’t know if it’s brown-nosing at all…”

Locke: “Did you frame it and give it to him?”

Evans: “No way, I had him sign it and I kept it.” (laughs) … “I came in and was like ‘Coach, one of my boys drew this’ and he was like, ‘Man, they gave me a big nose’ and I was like, ‘Oh no, I drew it’ and he was like, ‘Oh it’s pretty good.'”

Jeremy has been drawing since he was little (watch this for more on his painting talent) but basketball was his first love.

–Hayward trained at the Peak Performance Project with other Jazzmen over the summer, and is on a 5,000-calorie per day diet: “When you see food, you gotta eat it.” His dad is with him right now and they take turns cooking.

–Always lived in dorms before, so never realized that things like forks, napkins, and toilet paper needed to be purchased.

–Asked the Jazz for an advance so he could buy a car; his credit card applications keep getting rejected.

Ryan Thompson: New #5 in town!

–Growing up in the Thompson house: “My mom [nurse] was more of the academics side, she worried about how school was, and then my dad [worked for UPS] would come home and say did we shoot our foul shots today, how was practice.”

Gone Guys:

Boozer is…er…channeling his inner Olden Polynice? Wait…is that a police cap? A train conductor cap? I can’t tell.


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