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Finally…AK-47 ’09-’10 highlight reel

September 8, 2010

I’ve been posting about the old days for a good month now, and it’s time for something new. Without further ado, here are your Andrei Kirilenko ’09-’10 highlights:

Some stuff:
The video is comprised of highlights from 25 games between January and March (because it was immediately obvious that if I went full season, it was going to end up at a documentaryesque length. It didn’t help that I couldn’t bear to cut stuff out). It also took much longer to finish than I’d expected, because I kept unconsciously sitting back in my chair and watching the video instead of editing it. That’s how amazing AK is/was.

The games included are the 25 games taking place between 1/4-2/19 and 3/1-3/9 (AK got injured at Portland on 2/21 and sat out three of the next four games). He started the last 21 of the 25 games, and in that span the Jazz went 21-4: 10-3 in January, 7-1 in February, and 4-0 in March. In short, it was the best Jazz basketball played in a decade.

C’s comments as she watched it through the first time:
–His hair is terrible!
–His hair is terrible!
–The Jazz really need a stylist, between Andrei’s hair and Deron’s beard.
–His hair is terrible!
–I don’t like it [regarding the final scene, which shows AK walking off the court and a CG of the final score. i.e. the Jazz had beaten her Spurs].

Edit / Two things I forgot to say in the original post:
1) Let’s stop for a moment and appreciate the fact that it might take other players an entire career to come up with this many highlights. This was just 25 games in one season. Not even the best highlights of the season, but the best highlights over a two-month span.
2) I liked that Memo was waiting to hi-five AK at the end of the tunnel in the last shot (I think AK came off the court later than everyone because he did the post-game interview). Team chemistry and teammates getting along FTW.
Make that 3) This video is apparently blocked in Germany. I used 8 songs in the video…but of course Youtube won’t tell me which track was the problem. Maybe it’s Boler that’s banned in Germany lol.

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