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Non-Matthews Odds and Ends

July 12, 2010

1. Is there anything about Memo that doesn’t scream “Euro!!!!”? Lol.

Speaking of Memo, he said while attending Deron’s charity golf event that his rehab is “a lot ahead than the regular person,” and he hopes to be in uniform on opening night (sltrib).

2. There is a large contingent of Jazz fans that are scared to death Deron is getting set to flee Utah the moment his contract expires due to the Jazz Front Office’s perceived inaction. Deron’s not one to hide his emotions. Whatever he’s feeling at any given moment, it’s written all over his face. With that in mind, watch this video from his charity golf tourney yesterday:

He doesn’t appear to be sullen, disgruntled, or impatient, so let me just float this possibility: Maybe Deron understands that the NBA is a business. Maybe he doesn’t expect the Jazz to place the financial well-being of the franchise in jeopardy so that they can overpay for FAs. Maybe his desire to win is unusually strong, but not blinding. Maybe he can see the big picture. Maybe fans are not giving him enough credit. (It should be noted that this interview took place after Boozer/Korver, but before Wesley’s offer sheet.)

3. If I had an open line to the Koof, this is what I would tell him: Play basketball the way you dance. Don’t think or overthink; just feel the rhythm, play loose, and let out the swagger you got in you.

4. I visited a couple of Bulls blogs a few days ago to see what Bulls fans think of the Boozer signing. It seems to me that the overwhelming sentiment of Bulls fans was…relief. They weren’t necessarily Boozer fans, but they were happy out of relief that the Bulls hadn’t been shut out of the free agency market.

I don’t want that; I don’t want a desperation trade or signing for the sake of making a trade or signing a player. This is why I’m against signing either of the Als. Al Jefferson’s defense is on par with Boozer’s; I can’t take another no-defense power forward. As for Al Harrington–granted I haven’t seen him play much and 99.99% of everything I know about him is from fantasy basketball–but what I’ve seen (from fantasy) screams “un-JAZZ!” and makes me say PASS. Pass to both. The desire for a move shouldn’t become more consuming than the quality or the sense (as in “whether it makes”) of the move.

5. If your frustration is getting the best of you, has just the thing to help you vent!

Utah Jazz doormat: available for the super duper low price of $24.99 (just ignore the out-of-date logo).

P.S. If you’re still standing on the ledge over the Jazz’s decision to draft Gordon Hayward, take a gander at this and this.

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  1. July 13, 2010 1:08 am

    Nice post, as always.

    I agree with you about the Als. Neither of them seem to be big wins for the Jazz, but then, who knows, maybe they’d hit it off with Sloan and we’d see a lot more defense out of them.

    I watched a couple Knicks games this season, and while Harrington wasn’t lighting the floor on fire, he was also in that D’antonio ‘seven second offense,’ which wasn’t treating him too kindly.

    Who else on the big board would have an interest in as a Jazz fan? You think the Jazz get Brewer back?

    • July 13, 2010 8:34 am

      appreciate it!

      sloan never got on boozer about his defense (or even if he did, he kept playing boozer regardless) so i could see al jefferson getting playing time, but i see al harrington getting yanked and stuck to the bench after he taking eight outside-of-the-offense threes in 30 seconds.

      i think brewer could be a real possibility if the jazz don’t match for wesley and strike out some more with other FAs.

  2. prodigal punk permalink
    July 14, 2010 11:31 pm

    There should be more sports reporters named Jeremiah.


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