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Farewell Kyle

July 10, 2010
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Kyle Korver is now a Chicago Bull, aka I was completely wrong about Hayward’s arrival not being the end of Korver in Utah. I may not be a pink jersey owner, but there’s no doubt that this is a huge loss for the team and for the community. I’ve never seen any Jazz player as quickly embraced by the fans as Kyle; from his first game in a Jazz uniform, the crowd was out of their minds with adoration.

We were in a bad way when Kyle arrived in Salt Lake City. Whether it was the end of the Giracek drama-saga, Kyle’s skills as a basketball player, or the love and enthusiasm of the fans infecting Jazz players, the Jazz immediately began winning when Kyle arrived. There have been ups and downs, but with the Jazz were 120-60 in the past 2.5 seasons when Kyle suited up.

Given Korver’s character, his contributions to the community, that he openly said a few months ago that he would love to retire in Utah (not to mention the fact that he set the all-time 3P% record last season), I’m hugely surprised that the Jazz never gave him an offer for any amount. Isn’t he exactly the kind of guy Jazz management wants on the team? How many NBA players want to play and stay in Utah? The way he handled the situation, with complete class and putting himself in the shoes of the team, only makes me feel worse about him leaving. Via Siler’s Twitter:

While Kyle may be gone from Utah, his presence will still be felt in the state. As sltrib reported two weeks ago:

Korver has set a new standard for community work since coming to the Jazz, launching a T-shirt line and working through his foundation and a non-profit construction group to build handicapped ramps for needy families in the area.

“Whatever we started there, it’s going to keep on going,” Korver said.

Farewell, Kyle. I’ll miss the high socks, the enthusiasm from the crowd when you check into games, and the opportunity to shout “Korgasm!” every time you hit a trey. Best of luck in Chicago.

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  1. Jazzy Girl permalink
    July 10, 2010 2:43 pm

    I am happy for Kyle and wish him the best with Booz and the Bulls. He was a true talent and a great person. Hopefully the Bulls will utilize his talents more often, and actually have plays for him. He will be missed.

    He was more to me than just a pretty face! I will miss his outside shot, his pretty face, his inside shot, his pretty hair, his free throw, his pretty shoes, his constant cheering from the sidelines, the fact that sometimes his face looked a little like a caveman, his finesse, his voice and laugh, his pretty socks… oh and his pretty face.

    ps I am starting to freak out just a little! Do the Jazz have some kind of plan here? Are they going to make a move on anyone? Seriously, I love the big guy, but I would have let Fes find work elsewhere and kept the people who actually benefit the team on the court (like Kyle). Fes is cute, like an over sized teddy bear, and he is funny, and he can dance, but as a player… Sorry Fes, I have lost faith in you my friend. I understand passing on Boozer, but at this point are we going to keep or sign anyone? OMSW was a diamond in the rough! Are they hoping to get that lucky and find another un-drafted star? Because I have got news for them, luck like that should not be banked on.

    • July 10, 2010 3:32 pm

      kyle will definitely be missed. not just as a player, but also as a teammate, person, and member of the community.

      i try to let reason rule (most of the time), but i have to admit a little panic is starting to bubble up today. i was ok with boozer leaving bc i don’t think we were going anywhere with him, but it seems like we just lost kyle due to inaction. at this point, i really want/need KOC and the jazz front office to quell the panic by announcing a move that makes us stronger.


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